2013 Long Island Half Marathon Recap

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did.

How funny that racing 13.1 miles on a Sunday morning which requires me to be up and out of the house by 6:15 am = enjoyable weekend for me.

Really, if my high school gym teacher could just see me now.

Perhaps she will read about me in Newsday today. If she happens to spot my name, she will see that I finished the race in 1:45:24 which landed me 625 overall (4,000 runners), 21st for my age group and 121 overall female.

Not half bad if you ask me! And, it is a PR for me as well! (Personal record).

On to the race review:


My outfit was ready and waiting for me first thing in the morning. I got up super early (Oh, like 4:00-4:30 am) just so I could drink my coffee (and water) and eat half of my oatmeal/banana/peanut butter combo, giving myself plenty of time to digest and use the bathroom.

I left my house early to ensure I arrived in time to deal with the traffic/road closures/heavy police presence.


The parking wasn’t horrendous but I could have done without the one mile walk to the start line.


I ate the other half of my oatmeal in my Crunch Time jar as I walked to the start line to meet up with my cousin. I like to split up my prerace meal because I always wake up super hungry so I normally eat first thing. Since the race wasn’t until 8:00 am, I knew I would end up hungry if I didn’t eat something closer to race time. I know some people can’t run with food in their stomach – I can’t run WITHOUT food in my stomach.


A woman on the walk to the start line came over to me needing to know if I was eating a full jar of peanut butter.

Clearly she isn’t part of the blog world.


I found my cousin and her friend and we waited in line for the Porto Pottys prior to the race starting.


The lines were long so we played around taking pictures. What else is there to do when you are waiting to use portable toilets?Image

Hey look! Purple KT Tape!

I spotted a KT Taper user when we were lined up in our pace corral.

The race begin right on schedule. I was running the half marathon but started the race with 10K runners as well as full marathon runners. It took a little over a minute to reach the start line and then it took several minutes for the crowd to open up so that I could fall into my pace.

I felt great the entire race. I noticed I was not thirsty, my mouth wasn’t dry at all and I only grabbed water starting after mile 5 but really didn’t need it. I didn’t even finish up my jelly beans.

The course was relatively flat although I could have done without the wind in my face for the first 9 miles. The temperature was perfect and didn’t start to feel hot from the sun beating down until towards the end.

Typically around mile 10 I start to feel my legs – not this race. I felt great and still had my speed. In fact, I think I could have run most of the race a bit faster but I was afraid that I would burn out too close to the end if I picked up the pace in the earlier miles.

I would like to thank my watermelon and water for their assistance this week.


I really believe that the extra hydration played a key role in how I felt. I toted around more water than normal, as well as containers of watermelon.


And I will NEVER run another race without my Pro Compression socks. I swear they live up to their hype. My lower legs normally start to feel tired towards the end, as well as my feet. Not this race. Amazing.


My cousin did amazing and it was her first half marathon! So proud of her. Especially since I talked her into switching her registration from the 10K the day before the race.


What I am not so proud to report is that this race gave out a chocolate frosted donut, pound cake,and an unpictured muffin (my son attempted to eat part of it in the car).

I swear it was the McDonald’s sponsorship that contributed to the poor quality of food. Just wait until I tell you about the Kids Fun Run with Ronald McDonald (I will do another post for the recap).

I did eat the bag of apples though on my crazy long walk back to the car.


I took the little boy out for brunch after the race. We stopped at a good diner a few minutes away and I was super excited to see that they had a menu devoted to oatmeal.


Yes, I am aware that I had oatmeal prior to the race. I love oatmeal, what can I say.

I always crave it after my long runs so it was exactly what I wanted.


I did have a few bites of the chocolately parts of his pancakes though. Delicious.


I really felt the best I ever have after a race that I even took a “victory lap” of a walk with my friend shortly after getting home.


The hunger hit a couple hours after the oatmeal so I threw together a greek yogurt, fruit and peanut butter combination while going through my Sunday coupons.


Can you guess where we ended up for dinner? I am sure you didn’t expect anything less from me.


My favorite salad hit the spot.

It was interesting though, or one can even call it concerning – I was really not in the mood for dessert.


Yeah, I know, weird right?


I told the boy that I was willing to share Linda’s Fudge cake with him and that I wouldn’t throw a tantrum if he touched the parts I like (as in the fudgy fudgy top).

We actually played nicely while eating it.

Tip: Always ask for a side of hot fudge. Hot fudge brings all desserts to the next level.


Delicious end to a great day.

I had never run the Long Island Half Marathon before and I look forward to running it again next year. It was special to run the streets I grew up on; running past the Nassau Coliseum, past my college and down all of the streets I drive on a regular basis.

Closing thought for today: I ran past so many men throughout the race. I would love to know how they felt being outrun by a girl in a skirt.

I need to know:

How was your weekend?

Any races? How did you do?

Did you do anything for Cinco De Mayo?

What is your prerace meal?

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  1. says

    Congratulations on your PR! That is an AMAZING half marathon time AND you felt great the whole race and the whole day following?! Phenomenal job lady! So many congratulations!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Loving the oatmeal before and after, ha! I couldn’t agree more with you about the watermelon and water contributing to your success. Hydration = the only route to take as a runner. It really does make a difference! For Cinco de Mayo I drank too much and ran 5 miles for the day! Woo hoo! HA!

  2. says

    I have a race this weekend, it’s just a 5k but being a newbie runner and everything I am still trying my best to spend this week drinking tons of water (I think I have a dehydration problem) and eating really, really, healthy foods. I don’t know what my pre-race meal will be. I usually don’t like to run with anything in my stomach…maybe an apple? I’ll have to ponder it, but oatmeal may win out. Congrats on your PR, that is awesome and so inspiring! It’s a bummer that all the food freebies were not exactly healthy, but at least you had the apples to nom on for the walk to the car! I had one of the Think Thin bars recently, my verdict: just okay. What did you think?

    • says

      Test out what you will eat before the race on a day that you run this week to make sure it sits well in your stomach. As much as I love my apples, guess what – they don’t sit right in my stomach before I run. I didn’t have a think thin bar. I am not a huge protein bar person. My son tasted one and liked it. I prefer the bars with minimal ingredients. Not to mention these had almonds and I have slight allergies to almonds. You will do great in the 5K! But totally chug the water. And watermelon lol

    • says

      Thank you…so true, everyone is so different although I will never understand the people that don’t eat peanut butter lol….I am still laughing though that the woman thought I was eating an entire jar – that amount of pb would probably not be wise before running.

  3. says

    You completely killed it! That’s an awesome time! Nicely done! You looked super cute in your skirt too. I totally hear you on the compression socks…anytime I am running more that 10 miles, those babies are on my legs!

  4. EZTWINS says

    Amazing run! I am proud of you- you did awesome and looked adorable. glad you feel successful. Don’t think I didn’t catch the fabulous ice cream cone sweatshirt in the post run photo! 🙂