Ready for the Weekend!

My outfit for Sunday is all ready.


I can’t begin to tell you how nice it has been to be able to prepare for Sunday’s half without the random debilitating arm injury I dealt with a few week’s ago during the days prior to my last race.

I mean, I was so consumed with the pain and wondering if I could even run that I didn’t even think twice about what I was wearing for that half marathon.

To make up for that, I treated myself to a new outfit.


I never thought I would run in a skirt but I tried it on at Lulu Lemon and couldn’t resist it. It is so adorable, so comfortable and comes equipped with the zippered pocket in the back and the two front pockets inside the front waistband which I refer to as my “jellybean pockets.”


If you look really close, the back of the above shirt has a holder for your iPhone, iPod, or whatever it is you use that contains your music.

Does Lulu not think of everything?

The best part- this shirt is on sale for $39, comes in a ton of colors and a wide variety of sizes still appear left on the website. I suggest you order one or two (Click here for the link) or go into your local Lulu ASAP. 

I often bounce between the idea that sometimes Lulu Lemon is too pricey, that maybe I can save some money and buy my running clothes from another brand.

The truth is, I haven’t found many brands that match up in terms of fit and functionality for me.

I can fill in with a few pieces here and there but the majority of my pants, shorts, tops and now skirts are all Lulu.

No one else understands me. No other brand that is. I mean, who else knows I need a jellybean pocket separate from a key compartment?

And what has really sold me lately about Lulu is the language used to described the clothing. I was very pleased to read some of the descriptions of the various cuts of shorts and pants. Lulu kept referring to the shorts/pants being designed for “women like us with athletic legs and thighs” or language such as “muscular bum and thighs.”

Referring to “women like us” really puts the emphasis on possessing the womanly shape we are supposed to have- just in a healthy, fit, muscular and toned way.

I am always amused when I witness the sea of Lulu wearers in the gym spending hours upon hours in group fitness classes followed by stepping the stair climber attempting to burn off every ounce of female shape possible, just to be able to treat themselves to some lettuce leaves or protein shake from the cafe.

All too often exercise is associated with burning as many calories as possible to be as thin as possible. 

Exercise is about being healthy, stronger and fit (both mentally and physically). Sure, exercise can help you to lose weight and keep it off – but it is only part of the equation.


Exercise to be able to eat OR eat to be able to exercise. Which would you say applies to you?


Speaking of eating, I picked up a nice big watermelon yesterday at Trader Joe’s. For $3.99, how do you not carry one of these beauties out?

It is part of my hydration strategy for Sunday’s race. I intend to slice it shortly. 

Anyone else eat watermelon chunks as they slice? I swear I end up with half of the amount left to store in the fridge because I eat while I cut.


I also couldn’t resist buying these gigantic potatoes. 39 cents each- you can’t walk away from this price.

I love my sweet potatoes but I also love a regular potato. I may have to roast a combination of wedges for my prerace dinner.

Sometimes I can’t decide if I want a sweet potato or a regular potato. So I just make both and have leftovers for the next day, or throw some to the boy.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. says

    Have a great time at your race! Love the skirt with high PC socks. I think I’m a mixture of both working out to eat and eating to workout. I’ll take it.

    • says

      Thank you!. I know, it can get pricey but if you get the sales, it is great…I have learned to spend though on the right fitting bottoms, Lulu never slides down while I run!

  2. says

    That is the cutest outfit ever! I love LuLuLemon but have yet to purchase anything for lack of funds. I don’t think that’s too bad of a price, though! I’m glad you have some stuff that works for you. ALSO – totally excited about your running skirt! I’ve always wanted to try one and now I may go buy one tonight.. No joke…. 🙂 Trader Joe’s is the best and I’m right there with ya on the watermelon thing! I make my boyfriend cut it up and I snag pieces while he’s hard at work. What can I say? I’m a sweetheart of a girlfriend!

    • says

      You totally need the running skirt, I never thought I would wear one but it is oh so cute and comfortable…I cut my watermelon a few minutes ago, and ate about a quarter of it lol