MAY 1!

I used to have a love/hate relationship with May.

hay fever

My seasonal allergies used to cloud just about everything positive about the pretty blooming trees, warm weather, sunshine, fun events, holidays and parties.

No amount of allergy medication would take the symptoms away (and I was taking medicine on top of medicine regardless of the warning labels).

I used to dread my son’s baseball games or taking him to play on his swing set because I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t stop sneezing. It was torture for me.

When he was little, he would walk around pointing to the trees and say, “TEES make mommy sneeze.”

Keyword here: USED TO

I no longer have a nose for pollen. I no longer suffer from the sneezing, itchy watery eyes, itching throat and heavy breathing/chest pain.

So what happened you wonder? How could it be that my body no longer reacts to pollen as it did since I was a little girl?

Good question.

When I randomly decided to become a vegetarian in the winter of 2012, I experienced several positive changes in my life almost immediately.

The switch from animal protein to more of a plant-based diet helped improve my running speed, muscle recovery, menstrual cycle and several other aspects of my life.

I never expected that not eating animal protein (in the form of meat and poultry that is) would eliminate my hay fever.


The trees can bloom and drop the green pollen all over and my nose doesn’t seem to care much anymore. I can sit through little league, run in the morning and not itch, water and sneeze. I can even breathe.

I do still take Zyrtec. I bet I could stop. But I am too afraid of those blooming trees.

However, I have never in all of my allergy years been so symptom free and able to enjoy the outdoors in the month of May as I have these past two spring seasons. I no longer get bouts of eczema on my eye lids in the winter nor do I get those allergy like bumps on my upper arms.

I am still raising my son to eat meat and poultry, although I would say he eats less of it. I also switched to buying only the meat and poultry that is antibiotic free with no hormones added as well as organic when possible. I have noticed a difference in him as well. He no longer seems to have seasonal allergies and does not need to take any allergy medication.

I don’t really like to preach too often to people about why they should consider switching to a plant-based diet unless I am asked for my opinion.

If anyone has questions for me though or would like me to get into further detail about the positive affects I have experienced, I will certainly do another post on this topic.

Upcoming fun for me in the month of May:

May 5th- Long Island Half Marathon

Just a few days away! Look at me running an outdoor race in the height of the blooming trees! The forecast is calling for sunshine and temperatures in the low 60’s. I am ready!

May 12th- Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day. It is so much fun for the boy and me. We have a special ritual each morning of Mother’s Day where we get up really early and head to our favorite breakfast spot.

premier diner

We love the breakfast at this diner so much that we have decided to ONLY go for breakfast here on Mother’s Day. It makes it that much more special and we get to talk about it all year and get all excited as the big day approaches.

We have been discussing it now for weeks, are counting down the days and already trying to decide what we will order.

The breakfast menu at this diner is simply ridiculous. I am truly so excited and seriously so unsure of what to order that I have considered ordering two different things.

May 16th Fitness Meet and Tweet

Fitness Magazine is holding an exclusive event for bloggers to attend in Manhattan. I am quite excited.

meet and tweet

Are any of my blogger friends going to be in attendance? Please let me know as I would love to meet you in person!

And last, but not least….Memorial Day weekend


Unofficial start to summer…beaches open…pool a few steps from my front door opens. Need I say more?

I need to know:

What are you looking forward to this month?

Do you suffer with seasonal allergies? What medicine do you take? Does it work?

Would you ever consider switching to a plant-based diet? 

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    Great blog! I love that you two go to that diner on Mother’s Day only; it’s really sweet. I used to be a vegetarian/pescetarian, but have switched back to eating other meats as well. I eat Paleo, so it’s difficult to eat a plant based diet only. My roommate, Meghan, eats a mostly plant based diet, however, and it works really well for her. I can’t wait for pool time!!

  2. says

    I do get really bad allergies in the Spring. Only as an adult though….I was told your allergies totally change every 7 years…so maybe you just hit your 7 year mark!

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