Please forgive me for once again missing an important holiday yesterday.

Happy Belated National Cheeseball Day!

OK, now seriously, can there really be a national holiday for cheeseballs?

cheese balls

We all know how I feel about the cheeseball.

Trying not to be a grinch, I packed the boy’s lunch yesterday in holiday spirit.


I thought Trader Joe’s Baked Cheese Crunchies were a good compromise.


Now that I have given you a peek in the boy’s lunch box, how about a peak into my fridge?

inside the fridge

RobinsBite is written by Robin Plotkin, RD, LD. Robin is a culinary and nutrition expert based in Dallas, Texas.

She blogs, tweets, teaches, talks and tastes food for a living.

On Inside the Fridge look for fridge photos from favorite chefs, foodies, dietitians, Moms, producers, bloggers, growers, social media types and the like. Probing questions, self shot photos and a look into the deepest recesses of the coveted fridge will be exposed.

robins bite


And guess who is this week’s INSIDE THE FRIDGE featured blogger? 

my fridge

I really enjoyed sharing my fridge, pantry, food shopping and meal planning secrets.

Make sure you click on the photos above for the link  to the post!

Thank you Robin for this wonderful opportunity and for making my fridge famous!


I need to know:

What is your favorite snack chip? Do you buy a “healthier version” of your favorite chip?

Is your fridge organized or does it need a good spring cleaning?





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