Showing Support With Cookies

My own post inspired me yesterday.

I had been feeling so helpless lately not being able to do the things I normally do around the house and in my day to day life.

Then Boston happened.

And I felt truly helpless. And guilty for complaining about my own injury that I knew would heal.


(Not a great photo but you get the idea of some of the KT Tape that covers the left side of my upper body).

So what did I do?


With the assistance of the Kitchen Aid mixer, I baked those blue and yellow M&M cookies that I mentioned yesterday for my son’s Little League team in support of Boston.


It took me longer than normal to basically measure and do everything with my right hand but it made me happy to be doing “something”.



The hardest part for me was probably forming the balls with one hand. But the kids wouldn’t notice the difference.


I wrapped them individually and tied each bag with blue and yellow ribbon. I couldn’t curl the ribbons but again, the kids (especially since they are boys) would NEVER notice the ribbons.

The ribbons to kids are only a nasty barrier between them and the cookies.


I brought the cookies to the game and gave them out at the end, after my son’s team won. I informed the parents as to why I baked the special cookies and the kids grabbed them and tore into the bags without even noticing the colors.

But I knew what they stood for. And so did my son.

My cookies won’t change the tragic events or eliminate terrorism.

But they taste good, I felt good making them and they brought a smile to the kids’ faces.

Since we all know I really don’t share my dessert, I am sure you won’t be surprised when I say I don’t share my signature chocolate chip cookie recipe.

secret recipe

How about a great tip for keeping a sliced apple fresh instead?

Little League season means long weeknights on the ball field. You do not want to be around me if I get hungry while I am sitting in those bleachers.

Therefore, last night, I planned ahead and packed my night time apple and peanut butter snack.

I am not a fan of using the lemon juice to keep the slices from turning brown. My apple always ends up tasting like lemons.

Before we left for the game, I sliced my green apple and sprinkled it with cinnamon.


I also scooped my Crunch Time peanut butter into a smaller container.


With dark chocolate of course.


Perfectly portable and stayed PERFECTLY fresh when I went to eat it almost 3 hours later.

Cinnamon did the trick. The own little speck of brown you will have is from the cinnamon. Apple stayed crisp and fresh.

Give it a try – let me know if it keeps your apple from turning brown and icky too.

No, I do not feel funny taking my containers out of my purse  in the bleachers and eating my favorite snack. Nor do I care if the containers I used are really for my son.


I am not food-shy. Is that a term, food-shy?

I would have whipped out my dinner as well but was too hungry to wait and so I ate it in the car.

Delicious mix of quickly roasted sweet potato wedges, black beans, roasted broccoli and asparagus topped with BBQ sauce and avocado.

concession stand

I should consider setting up my own concession stand and make some money while I am out on that field several days a week from now until the end of June.

Not a bad idea.

Have a great Wednesday!

I need to know:

Did you wear a race shirt or blue and yellow yesterday? Did you run or walk in support of Boston?

Do you slice your apples and sprinkle with lemon juice or buy pre-sliced apples in a bag?

What is your favorite cookie?

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  1. says

    good for you for making the cookies- they look awesome!
    my favorite cookie is my grandmas recipe for Russian teacakes…I only have them around the holiday’s and they are a pain in the butt to make, but oh so good!