More Mag/Fitness Mag Women’s Half Race Recap

Happy Monday! I am going to do my best to recap the race. I am still working with an injured arm so it isn’t all that easy to type (using one hand) but let’s see what I can do:

I came very close to not running in yesterday’s race.


But I am very glad I did. I somehow finished the race in 1:49:01 which is a PR (personal record) for me. I came in 97 for age and 597 overall out of 10,000 women.

Not half bad! Imagine if I hadn’t been injured?

My arm actually didn’t bother me at all while running. I owe it all to the KT Tape.


Let’s back up a bit shall we?

I bought this tape on Friday as a last attempt at feeling well enough to run.

I purposely purchased the tape at a CVS next to Whole Foods so I could treat myself to a pity party lunch from the food bar.


The salad cost me a small fortune – $18.

Uh huh.

As I was eating it, the power went out in Whole Foods. They forced us all to immediately evacuate the store. I certainly wasn’t leaving my $18 salad and didn’t care at all that I was taking it with me in the blue bowl.


And that is how I scored the big blue bowl.

I deserved it after paying the ridiculous price for lunch, yes?

Anyway, my selfless neighbor and I watched the videos on how to strategically place the KT tape for rotator cuff injuries as well as bicep and wrist (basically my entire arm has been out of commission).

I swear this tape really does help. I still have it on. I am not near 100% yet but feel better than I have in a week.

My feet annoyed me more during race than my arm. I ended up NOT wearing my favorite rainbow Asics. They just didn’t feel right on Saturday so I opted for my older pair, which I think are now officially retired.


How funny the girl next to me in the corral had on exact same pair. Of course I needed to discuss them with her and bring up my stubborn rainbow version.


I love looking at all of the different shoes at races, don’t you?


It was such a beautiful morning for a race.


It was well-organized and started on time.

I was so nervous which isn’t like me at all. This past week has been a rather weird experience as I really have never had an injury, especially one as random and debilitating as this.

My arm kept me from sleeping all week as well as distracted me from focusing on my normal routine, including preparing for this race.

Surprisingly though, I ran just fine! I was shocked when my GPS app kept chiming in my ear that each mile was under 8:00 min/mile for first several miles.

I popped my jelly beans throughout the last half of the race and took water when I could.

All water stations had the cups on tables instead of volunteers handing them out.

I realized at the 10K mark that I was clearly on my way to finishing in my own record time.



Not my best photo but there I am, with my left arm still attached to my body.

I am pretty sure that I was the only person who ran with her hair down.

I can’t reach up to put make a ponytail and I was convinced no one would be able to tie it right for me.

The festival after was just OK. I say just OK because they gave out water, bagels and bananas and I would have liked watermelon. Glad I had packed my big green apple for immediately after I finished.

They had a yoga tent and the option to be stretched in another tent.


I opted for my version of a post race festival later in the day.


I re-hydrated by easily drinking 7 or 8 glasses of water.





As you know, I wasn’t thrilled about sharing the dessert but the waiter was kind and gave us extra hot fudge and a separate bowl of whipped cream.


We clean up nice.


Best part? We got the entire meal for free! They had made an error with the boy’s burger (two times) as well as giving me a lunch size salad instead of full size.

Totally amazing end to an amazing day.


How was your weekend? Anyone run in any races?

Have you ever used KT Tape?

Have you ever gotten a free meal from your favorite restaurant?




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  1. barrie rovenger says

    so proud of you and the funniest is cheesecake…i can’t! feel better and rest!

  2. says

    Awesome job! I am so glad you decided to run even though the shoulder has been nagging. I always liked that race because it feels really cool to be running with just women 🙂
    I was at the very front of the first corral 2 years ago (which was a first for any NYRR race for me!), so I ended up being in the ad for the race the next year.
    You definitely kicked butt!!

    • says

      Thank you. It was a great experience running an all women race. How cool you made it into the ad! So terrible what happened in boston today and to think I was just running a race Yesterday…

      Meredith Sent from my iPhone

  3. says

    Congrats on your PR! I haven’t gotten a meal for free from a restaurant, but that’s fun that you did! Also your hair looks remarkably good for just running a race!

    • says

      You just made my day lol. My hair looked terrible and still does right now since I still cant move my arm enough to blow dry it or put it up. But thank you for brightening my mood especially while watching the coverage of the tragedy in Boston.

      Meredith Sent from my iPhone

  4. says

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