Race Day!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

We have a lot to catch up on including how this bowl ended up in my kitchen:


Does it look familiar to anyone?

My shoulder and I are getting ready now to leave for the Fitness Magazine Half Marathon and I will provide full expo and race recap as soon as possible.


I wasn’t sure I would be running today because of my random, sudden and painful shoulder issue but I feel well enough to run. I intend to “run” not “race” with a little help from  the KT Tape.


I think random strips of black tape strategically placed along my left arm signifies I am a real runner. Even if Runner’s World doesn’t recognize the shoulder as part of a runner’s body.


Pre-race dinner tasted especially yummy in my big blue bowl.

I know you are all wondering how I ended up with the big blue bowl from Whole Foods food bar in my kitchen…Story to come tomorrow!

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    • says

      Thank you- it is my typical go-to meal…always a bowl of roasted/mixed vegetables with sweet potato wedges. This particular bowl was with chick peas and avocado in Island Soyaki mixed with soy sauce and apricot jelly- makes great sauce!