Always Knew I Was Special…


If you are a lefty, like me, you can relate to this picture. I am surprised that all of my years of writing notes in school didn’t leave a permanent pencil and pen smudge on my hand.


Not only am I a part of the left handed 10% of the population, I am also part of the fewer than 1% that can be considered ambidextrous.

I always knew I was special.

This special ability of mine has come in quite handy this week with my left arm and shoulder under the weather.


I mean, how else would I be able to write down the sales for the upcoming week?

I like to think that my right-handed penmanship is neater than most people’s dominant hand penmanship.

Do people still use the word penmanship? I feel like it is an obsolete term these days given the use of computers. I mean, they don’t even focus on handwriting skills in the schools. But that is a conversation for another day.

Anyway, I really thought I was better yesterday.

I was able to run a few miles, not fast  (it’s a taper week anyway) but I could run without pain which was a good sign to me.

I didn’t sleep well at all last night from the pain in my arm and shoulder.

Maybe I tried to do too much yesterday after the run.


I know I was supposed to be resting but I needed to restock my apple supply.

Do you see the size of these apples? Probably not the best thing to be lifting.

Truth is, your world can’t just grind to a halt when you are under the weather. Especially as a single mother.

Someone has to get the boy ready for school, home from school. cook and feed him dinner, yell until the homework is done, shuffle him off to baseball practice and then home to finish yelling about taking a shower and going to bed.


That was my view for 2 hours from my car. Welcome to little league season.

Confession: I didn’t pay much attention to what was taking place on the field. I was busy perusing emails and surfing the web on my phone.

You are in luck though – I am going to share with you some links that I found interesting.


It is already time to register for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. It is a full series of races and I would really like to register for the half marathon. Anyone want to join me?


Do you follow Hungry Girl? I get a newsletter every morning and I love reading them each day. I don’t always follow her recipes (obviously, we all know I hate following exact recipes) but I like to get ideas and then create my own meals and snacks.

If you click on the picture above, it will take you to a recent newsletter which mentions calorie counts in restaurants and their accuracy.

Question: How do you feel about seeing calorie counts on menus? Are you for or against it?

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  1. EZTWINS says

    Mr DAntone was always a smart man. He knew amazing handwriting when he saw it. No- do not like the calorie counts at restaurants. Completely takes the fun out of eating out.

  2. says

    I like seeing calorie counts on menus…usually. I like to go out to eat, but I don’t want to blow my day of healthy eating on a 1500 cal pasta dish. I usually go towards the fish/seafood options on a menu now, so they aren’t too bad. But when menus first started adding the calorie info, I was like oh great, now I can feel awful about my meal, too!

  3. says

    Is that Fairway I see in the apple picture? I miss Fairway….I do love Colorado, but there is so much about NYC that I miss 🙁
    keep resting that shoulder- you gotta get better by the weekend!

    • says

      That totally is fairway lol. You need to come back for a visit! I am going stir crazy resting my shoulder! Not going to lie, it hurts pretty bad but as of now still intend on running.

      Meredith Sent from my iPhone

      • says

        I am sending you positive thoughts! I will definitely be back for the marathon in November, but hoping I can come before then too 🙂