Mother of the Year?

Are you allowed to vote for yourself as Mother of the Year? Or At least write your own essay and submit it to your local newspaper for when they ask for entries to determine the local Mother of the Year? If so, I think I will start writing my essay.


You are correct – that is the Panera Bread bakery counter. But we didn’t order anything you see in this picture.

Nor did we order ANYTHING you would see on the menu.

That’s right friends. I finally took the boy to Panera to order from the Hidden Menu.

panera secret menu

And if that alone doesn’t make me cool and mother of the year, taking him to Panera to order from the SECRET BREAKFAST MENU BEFORE SCHOOL on a Friday sure as heck does. Well, at least in my opinion.


And yes, I absolutely used this opportunity to “exchange an egg.”

I know, I totally live on the edge.

It went something like this:

I said to the nice girl, “Are you aware you have a hidden menu?”

She replied, “Yes.”


I then proceeded to say, ” I would like to exchange an egg for the Egg White and Turkey Bowl.”

In the same breath I am pretty sure I asked her if she had seen the episode of Beverly Hills 90210, which she had and was quite amused by me.

The little boy however, was extremely confused and of course now I  have to locate the episode so he can watch it.

I would be concerned showing Beverly Hills to the boy at the age of 9 but if you have seen the programs on television today for our kids, Beverly Hills is like Sesame Street in comparison.


I thought maybe the receipt would say SECRET MENU ITEM! or look all fancy like some Golden Ticket.


But it was just some plain receipt with the nerve to include an extra charge for american cheese.

The boy wanted it without the red peppers (of course since they aren’t Bird’s Eye).


It came in a to-go container even though we had ordered it to stay.


I went back to get him a plate but I am pretty sure she gave me a tray.

The boy said it was good but needed more turkey; he didn’t like the spinach and complained a little bit about the pesto sauce. But he ate the whole thing so how bad could it be?

What did I have? Coffee. I had already eaten at home prior to him harassing me to take him out for breakfast.

Once again, I totally think I qualify for Mother of the Year.

And if you aren’t convinced yet, tonight I will be taking him and his best little friend to the New York Islanders game.

As well as out for dinner.


Remember, we don’t just go out for pizza. Nor do we rely on concession stand meals.

We do it all up fancy and order  pizza at places that include “restaurant and lounge”  in their title.


Although I do see an ice cream sundae in a helmet in my future.

In fear that Nassau Coliseum may be lacking in good toppings for the sundae I am envisioning, I may just have to come prepared with my own.

No, I am not kidding.  Would I joke about dessert?

I just informed the little boy of my dessert plan and he agreed that I should bring some toppings because, and I quote, “I don’t want to be with you when you have a tantrum so yeah, bring yourself some chocolate chips. We can stuff them in my pockets to get through security. They never check a kid’s pockets.”

Who is the adult in this house? One has to wonder.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

I just finished my last long run before next weekend’s half marathon.

more mag

I am happy to report my run was uneventful except for the relentless wind that didn’t let up no matter what direction I tried to run to avoid it.


Speaking of next weekend’s race, it will be featured on Good Morning America this coming Friday morning during the 8:00 am hour with Sam Champion.


I am seriously considering taking the boy out of school for the day to come with me to be outside in the audience. I have to be in the city anyway for the Expo and I think he would enjoy the opportunity to possibly be on TV, especially since I was a Dr. Oz star without him.

I know, right? I am SO mother of the  year.

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