Mid-Week Report

Where did my spring go? The last few days have been cold and windy. I had been planning to retire my  Uggs to the closet this week as well as run a few hilly miles outdoors this morning.

This is why I try not to plan ahead: 30 degrees plus wind chill was not part of  my spring training plan.

more mag

The half is next weekend already. I should probably formulate myself a taper plan soon. But, since I don’t like to follow plans, especially since my little plan for today isn’t working out as I hoped, tapering will be a day by day approach. All I know right now is that it will involve sweet potatoes and bananas.

Anyway, I am happy to report the following:

My Under Armour running socks are working out very well.  I can safely recommend that you purchase them.


And so are my rainbow sneakers.

I have FINALLY configured the laces appropriately so that I don’t notice my feet when I am running.

The key to foot happiness for me is to forget I even have feet. Make sense? If not, try running. Then you will understand.

Those pretty little sneakers have been quite temperamental. They developed a real complex after my post praising them a few weeks ago.

I was only wearing them for certain runs and perhaps they were insulted they were being left behind.


Did they not realize they were the third born in my little Asics family?

Isn’t the third child supposed to be easier? Or maybe they were behaving as the baby of the family?

baby corner

While on the topic of temperamental and offended, I have a confession: I have this fear of over-clicking the “thumbs down” on Pandora.


I am convinced if I click the thumbs-down one too many times, Pandora may get offended that I don’t like their recommendations and start sending me extra commercials as well as more really bad music in a row.

Nuts? maybe. I never said I was normal.

If you think that my Pandora fear is nuts, check this out:


No, you aren’t crazy – that is absolutely a cute sprinkled dessert bowl filled with vegetables instead of ice cream.


The little boy has suddenly taken a liking to Birds Eye Steamfresh. His favorite mix (which is mine as well) is the broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and water chesnuts.

Not only is it suddenly odd that he is asking  for vegetables, he is asking for them at night, after dinner.

He doesn’t want them with his dinner, he requests a bowl of Bird’s Eye as a “late night” snack.


Maybe it is the novelty of the chop sticks?

Whatever the reason, I can’t complain. The boy is eating vegetables.

If I succeed at nothing else in life, if I never appear on television again, I am satisfied in knowing my 9 year old boy requested and ate a bowl of vegetables.

Well, I have one complaint. Bird’s Eye is stingy on coupons.

I need to know:

Are you ready to retire your winter boots to the closet?

Do you keep Steam Fresh bags on hand in your freezer or only eat fresh vegetables?

Do you stick to a taper plan when preparing for a race?

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  1. says

    I keep hoping that I am through with my Uggs, but the weather has proven otherwise! Humph! And I love steamer bags, so easy 🙂 I definitely hate hitting the thumbs down button on Pandora too much for the same reason…the music DOES get crappier and the commercials DO increase.

    • says

      aw thank you…I am hoping to rock that hill lol. I ran the Great Cow Harbor Race in the fall which has some of the toughest hills they claim in the country as far as races go and I handled it just fine. So hopefully this race is fine as well..