Look to the Cookie

Wishing all of my reader friends and their families a very Happy Easter!

If you are still hunting for the perfect Easter dessert recipe rather than out hunting for Easter eggs,   I encourage you to check out Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog.

chocolate katie

The boy and I LOVE her recipes as they are not only delicious but healthy too!

She recently posted 15 great Easter dessert recipes, including one for a healthy version of the Cadbury Creme Egg.

creme egg

Say no more, right?

Click here for the link to her recipe post.

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, her site is so worth checking out.


Seinfeld had it right, dessert unites us all.

look to cookie

Of course I have not forgotten my Kosher for Passover friends…today is a perfect day for making yourself a mean Matzoh Brei.


If you missed my post with the recipe, click here.

If you are tired of Matzoh (which I know you probably are), may I recommend you simply do the following:

macaroon         yogurt

Take a leftover chocolate covered macaroon and mash it into a container of yogurt and call it the perfect Sunday morning breakfast treat! Throw in some berries and you have quite a balanced meal.

Enjoy your holiday!






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