A Day in the Life of a Dr. Oz Star


I still can’t believe I was on national television yesterday. Thank you to everyone that tuned it to see me! Totally amazing.

I watched the episode with my son and we had a good time spotting me throughout the entire show and previews.


I also did what any normal celebrity would do during their moment of fame: whip out the big box of crayons and color in a giant floor pad.


We worked on the fire truck together until he got bored.


Then I found myself working on the treasure chest by myself. It took me a good 20 minutes to realize I was sitting on my living room floor coloring alone.

I love to color. Give me a big box of crayons any day.

We bought this new Melissa & Doug jumbo pad while out and about between dental appointments yesterday.

Anything to get him away from the iProducts.

An activity as simple as coloring can be done alone or with others. It is a calming activity and helps develop attention span and fine motor skills (Perfect for children AND adults).

Well, it is calm until someone takes my favorite magenta crayon. I guess I can’t share crayons just like I can’t share dessert.

Anyway, you would think my son would finally find his mother cool since she was not only on national television but sits on the floor with him to color.

Nope. In fact , yesterday he decided that perhaps he was adopted.

How wrong he is. He is so much like me that there isn’t a chance.

Case in point:

On the way to the dentist yesterday, it was time for lunch.

Most kids ask to stop for pizza, a bagel, fast food…


My boy requested the Whole Foods food bar.

No maternity test needed.


He loves his freedom of picking from the wide variety of food available and I love that no matter what he puts in the bowl, it is made with fresher ingredients than pretty much any other food establishment he could have chosen.


I get a little crazy though that he may overfill the bowl with heavy items. If you have ever eaten at Whole Foods, you know it is far from cheap.


Although lately the price hasn’t been too bad.


While we were eating, he suggested that we send Whole Foods customer service an email because he had a few ideas.

He is looking to provide a company with feedback and he wonders if I am his real mother?

His ideas:

The lunch plates should have sections so all of the different food items don’t have to mix together in his bowl.

Now for me, I don’t mind the mixing. I don’t mind all of my various salads blending together.

I guess when you get yourself a taco, chicken parmesan, macaroni and cheese as well as salad with hummus, his sectioned plate is justifiable.

He also thinks they should make the food bar a Pay-One-Price All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

I am all for that. I would totally pay more so that I could keep going back up to refill.

Other interesting topics of conversation:

He can’t decide where he should attend college.

Syracuse to study communications or venture over to Penn State for the Ice Cream program like Ben & Jerry.

Berkey Creamey Sign

Why didn’t I know about this ice cream program when I was applying to college and how the heck does he know about it?

penn state ice cream

And if it isn’t obvious yet that I gave birth to him:


He totally took Whole Foods up on the free cookie offer. He hunted down an employee to assist him as soon as he finished his lunch.


I can’t believe it is Friday already. The week is a total blur. We are headed to Lifetime Fitness with friends this morning before my membership is frozen on Monday.

The boy hates going (even though I can hardly get him to leave once he is there) but I promised him we were going to do something very exciting for lunch:

Panera Secret Menu time!

panera secret menu

I am quite excited to attempt to “exchange an egg” for the hummus salad bowl.

I will let you all know how it goes!

Have a great weekend!

I need to know:

Do you ever indulge at the Whole Foods food bar?

Would you be willing to pay more if they made it an all-you-can-eat?

Have you tried the Panera Bread secret menu yet?

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  1. says

    I love the WF food bar, but I agree that the price is a bit steep…I could totally go bankrupt eating there 🙂 haha.
    Have a great weekend!