Dr. Oz and I Have a lot in Common

Check your local listings people as my segment on the Dr. Oz show is scheduled to air today!


In some areas, Dr. Oz airs twice a day so the episode you are looking to catch is entitled, “Toxic Teeth”.

“Toxic Teeth” is the first segment of the episode devoted to discussing all of the potentially hazardous problems associated with the silver fillings in your mouth.

Good thing I am cavity free or this topic would only add to my recent personal care craziness as discussed in my post yesterday.

No wonder I was a guest on the show;  based upon the topics covered, it is clear Mehmet and I have a lot in common.

Speaking of toxic, I couldn’t help but laugh while I was out for my run yesterday morning.


Yes, that would be a tree blocking my path.


And those would be the landscapers planting trees and prepping our lawns for spring.

So why is this funny? Well, really it wasn’t. For one, I was not amused to have to dodge trees while running.

Nor was it amusing for an allergy sufferer such as myself to breathe in fresh-cut grass or the leaves being blown into my face.

I was slightly laughing  though when I gave this some thought:

After researching and making myself crazy over potential toxins, chemicals and allergens, no matter what products one buys or eliminates, one cannot live in a bubble.

boy in plastic bubble

Unless of course you are John Travolta. Then I suppose you can put yourself in a bubble.

I can certainly attempt to eliminate every possible paraben but if you stick me directly in the line of fire, there is no protecting me or my runny nose from the pollen.


I even tried to change up my course but those landscapers were everywhere I turned.

Even funnier? Coming in the house for a shower to wash the pollen out of my hair – using my toxic shampoo.


Oh well. At least I ran a strong 5 miles!

After my run I treated myself to one of my most favorite meals.

red mango parfait cherry

I make a mean parfait, yes?

The nice girl who worked at the Red Mango thought so too and took a picture of my custom-made parfait to post to the Red Mango facebook page.

I am really famous these days, huh.

I do love my Red Mango. It is a good thing that almost all Red Mango stores have switched to self-serve. I couldn’t handle someone else making my parfait as I have quite a system for perfection.

The Perfect Parfait:

  • Strawberries on the bottom
  • layer of original yogurt
  • middle layer contains several toppings: Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola, dark chocolate chips and berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and/or blackberries – depends on the day).
  • layer of original yogurt
  • topped off with a final sprinkle of granola and a few more chips.

If I am feeling adventurous I sometimes throw in some peanut butter (of course).


The cherries are new to the toppings bar. It made my day.

I guess it is clear that since  I was at Red Mango yesterday, I don’t keep kosher for Passover.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still make delicious Passover recipes.

Yesterday I made the boy Matzoh Brei for breakfast.

If you aren’t familiar with Matzoh Brei, it literally means “fried matzoh”. Numerous recipes exist for the Matzoh Brei and the best way I can describe it is that it is like a french toast only using matzoh in place of bread.

You can click here to learn more,

As we know, I never really follow recipes so I am glad that there are so many ways to make this dish.

Yesterday’s variation on the brei was Cinnamon Raisin Matzoh Brei.

Cinnamon Raisin Matzoh Brei (serves one)


  • half mashed banana
  • 1 egg 1 egg white
  • 1 and 1/2 boards of matzoh
  • pinch cinnamon
  • Splash of skim milk
  • raisins


(banana not pictured; was already mashed in the bowl)


Crumble matzoh in bowl. Add a little bit of water to moisten. Add in eggs, milk, mashed banana, cinnamon, drizzle of skim milk and raisins. Mix well.

Pour into greased pan (cooking spray or pat of butter).

You can either let the mixture set as a pancake or scramble.


We went with scramble.


Topped with syrup.

You can easily add more egg to the mix to bump up the protein or throw in any other fruit you wish…apples, pears, berries etc.

You can also double or triple the ingredients to make more servings.

Or, you can go the savory route and leave out the fruit and add in vegetables such as peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach etc. Leave out the cinnamon and add in pepper, oregano.

Play around with it! You really can’t go wrong.

I am off to get the boy ready for his dentist and Orthodontist appointments. Might as well line them up in one day!

Please pray that we don’t get in trouble again this visit for our “lack of cooperation”. Remember our last visit? If you missed that post, click here.

I may have to ask the dentist his opinion on “toxic teeth”.

Have a great day!

I need to know:

Do you have a Red Mango near you?

Do you have seasonal allergies?

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    • says

      I don’t think we have sweet frog here, there is a yogurt store on every corner though! Red Mango I hold in a different category than the rest though, it is all natural ingredients, no added stuff and has the live cultures and healthy toppings. Love it!

  1. says

    that parfait looks so awesome! I am totally going to try to catch your episode today. Have to go to the DMV, so fingers crossed it goes quickly and I can be home in time!!