Long Run and More Secret Menus!

It’s Saturday! Rise and Shine! Lace up and get running!

OK, you don’t have to unless you want to…but you should know I was rising and shining bright and early today and already completed my run of about 12 miles.

I say about 12 miles because my phone died somewhere around 11.50 miles.

My run was uneventful except for the race I was having with my nose. It was trying to outrun me but somewhere around the 7 mile mark, it gave up and I won.

I know my mother is going to freak that I ran 12 miles with a slight cold but one needs to understand that I consulted Runner’s World and they said it was just fine for me to exercise with a runny nose.

Feel free to read the Runner’s World article by clicking here.

Runner’s World is a runner’s bible, yes?

Speaking of the bible, my middle name just happens to be Eve. Perhaps this is why I love to eat giant apples everyday? I wonder if Eve liked peanut butter.

apple eve

I am totally ordering this shirt.

Anyway, I arrived home from my run to a surprise at my doorstep.


I am not scheduled to receive Saturday’s newspaper. Maybe Newsday learned that I love a good freebie?

While on the topic of news, it seems many of you were unaware of the hidden menu at Panera Bread.

You will be happy to know that I took it upon myself to provide you with more info regarding this secret, as well as a list of other hidden menus available at popular (and sneaky) restaurant chains.

No need to thank me.

First, for some additional info regarding the hoopla behind hidden menus, click here for a recent article in USA Today.

If you read the USA Today article, you will learn that several fast food chains offer secret menus. I am not going to provide links to those establishments as I will not encourage any of my reader friends to eat fast food.

Please don’t let me stop you from seeking out those fast food hidden menus but do not hold me accountable should you find yourself at a drive-thru window trying to exchange an egg.


I think a fair compromise though is providing you with a  link to Chipotle’s secret menu.


Click the above picture to learn more about the Panera Bread secret menu. Too bad none of the hidden selections are vegetarian.

Did you know Starbucks had a hidden menu? I think I had heard about this before.


My problem with the secret drinks from Starbucks is the same problem I have with most of their drinks- for the amount of calories, fat, sugar and goodies involved in the beverages, I would rather chew my food and order a sundae.

I wonder if Cold Stone Creamery or The Cheesecake Factory are hiding desserts from me.

Now that would be cruel. Just cruel.

The little boy is with his dad this weekend. I definitely want to try ordering up some secret stuff but I am going to wait until he is home with me to do so.

Quality mother/son bonding time.

Confession – my hope is that when I inform him of our secret menu mission, he will find me cool.

And, yes, I will absolutely use this opportunity to say, “I would like to exchange an egg.”

Do not put it past me. I was once in the ladies room at Nordstrom without toilet paper. I absolutely used that opportunity to ask the lady in the stall next to me “to please spare a square”.

elaine square

And no, the lady did not help me out.

spare a square

Have a great Saturday!

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