Friday Confusion

I would be excited that today is Friday but I am too busy being confused by a few situations in my world.

Confusion #1

Let’s start with dinner last night at my house:

The boy arrives home from school and sits down right as I am about to get dinner on the table to tell me some exciting food news.

#1 – He had a delicious salad from the school cafeteria.

The salad had “those little round tomatoes” and “maybe a cucumber” with Italian dressing.

#2 – Next week’s “Snack Attack” is the color green.


He happily rattles off what he is considering to bring  in:

“Broccoli! Green Apple! Pear! Grapes! Cucumbers!”

This all sounds amazing right?

I give him his bowl of ravioli and salad. And the conversation quickly turns.


“Ugh mom! What is this? A tomato? I don’t want a tomato in my salad!”

He bites a ravioli.

“Mom. Is this broccoli? Why is there green in here? Am I supposed to eat this? You are lucky I like the sauce.”

Confusion #2:

It has come to my attention in recent weeks that Panera Bread has a secret menu.

panera secret menu

And, if I didn’t read my Hungry Girl email newsletters religiously, I wouldn’t be in the know.

What is the deal with restaurants having secret menus? I am all about creative marketing but don’t you want your customers to know they have additional choices? 

And, now that I know about it, how does one go about ordering? Do you say, “I want to order from the secret menu?”

Or, do you have to be all sly and use a secret code?


I may have to try the, “I would like to exchange an egg” line from Beverly Hills 90210 when the gang wanted access to the secret club in the back of the store.

I always wanted to try out the exchange an egg line. This may be the perfect opportunity.

Confusion #3

It isn’t enough that both Panera Bread and my only child confuse me these days. I have been confusing myself as well.

Lately I have become quite indecisive. It is so unlike me that even I am confused by my own confusion.

I cannot decide what I feel like eating for lunch or dinner until the moment I must prepare both meals. I cannot decide if I feel like running or crosstraining. And, I cannot decide what to wear.

So my lunches have ended up like this:


The two-ingredient pancake on top of a salad.


Strawberries and asparagus salad. I was in the mood for a bowl of strawberries but also in the mood for asparagus. I don’t know, it worked out tasting great though.


Not knowing if I am running or crosstraining does not make for an easy sneaker selection process.


Yep. That was how my room looked after I attempted to get dressed yesterday morning.

And last but certainly not least on my list of confusion for today:


That would be one LuLu Lemon sock. Have you seen my other one?

I need to know:

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Have you ordered from the secret Panera menu?


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      You have to look it up! How crazy to have a secret menu. Starbucks has one too. Panera had some good things on the secret menu. Go in and ask if you can exchange and egg and see what they produce for you lol