Spinning 3-TipTuesday and Kidfresh Giveaway!


What was once a blah day stuck next to Monday and nowhere near Friday, is now a fun-filled day every week here at The Cookie ChRUNicles.

In addition to being Spin Tuesday, 3-Tip Tuesday and Kidfresh Product Review and Giveaway Day, today also marks a very important day here in New York- well it was supposed to at least.


The ban on super sized sugary beverages was supposed to begin today.

pouring pounds

But, State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling in Manhattan ruled that the new regulation was “arbitrary and capricious” and declared it invalid.

The judge ruled that Mayor Bloomberg and the Board of Health in New York City did not have the authority to issue the soda ban.

Mayor Bloomberg plans to appeal.


Do I think Mayor Bloomberg should be allowed to determine what people drink? Yes and No.

At least someone is trying to help point out how delusional society has become regarding portion size.


Society is suffering from extreme portion distortion, people. And this portion distortion is a major factor in the extreme rise in the obesity rate.

More calories consumed vs. the amount of calories the body needs = WEIGHT GAIN.

Did you know that over the last 20 years, the serving size of just about every single food and drink we consume has over doubled in size?


And believe me, even this “uncool mother who runs and likes ice cream” is not immune to the portion distortion.

In addition to being a volume eater (I like a big plate of food!), when I dine out, I expect a large portion on my plate or I am not satisfied.

Exactly why I love going to The Cheesecake Factory.

006 007

The portion distortion has created a situation where society has lost touch with what the serving size of our foods/beverages should be.

So, before we get to our Kidfresh review, I thought I would offer The Cookie ChRUNicles’  3 Tips for this Tuesday – How To Help Counteract Portion Distortion:

Tip #1 – Consider ordering appetizers or lunch size portion as your main course– so many restaurants now offer a wide variety of delicious appetizers that are big enough for a main course meal.

I know The Cheesecake Factory has an extensive appetizer list as well as a new Skinnylicious menu of small plates and snacks.

May I recommend the Thai Lettuce Wraps….looks big enough for a main course, yes?

thai lettuce

Tip #2 – Measure! – I am so not a fan of measuring out my food but if you want to get a hold on your portion size, whip out the measuring cups and try measuring the exact amounts encouraged on the packaging of your food products.


You may be very surprised at how much you have been consuming. Once you get a feel for what a “real” portion size looks like, you will be better equipped to eyeball and portion your meals correctly. Like I always tell my son, you can always have more if you are truly hungry.

Tip #3- Choose meals marketed for kids as your own!

  •  To maintain your portion control, why not try ordering from the kids menu in restaurants? If you simply ask, you may be surprised that the server will let you.

kids menu

Added bonus- you may even get some crayons to color with while you wait for your food.

And, sit down for this – if your server doesn’t want to bring you the kid-sized portion, you can always offer to pay full price rather than the children’s price.

Yes yes, I know, this extreme couponer could not have just said offer to pay more. Well, sometimes, if it means you will eat less, it may be worth it. Remember the question – How much is your health worth?

  • Instead of stocking up on your usual frozen meals from the grocery store, why not buy a few kids meals (such as Kidfresh)  as your packaged meals to have on hand for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking?

If the food is good enough to feed our kids, isn’t it good enough to feed us?

The Cookie ChRUNicles recently partnered with Kidfresh to review their yummy products and run a giveaway!

kidfreshkidfresh meals

If you aren’t familiar with the Kidfresh product line, here is a little bit of information regarding their products:

Quick facts
100% Natural. Nothing Artificial!
Naturally Rich in Key Nutrients
Hidden Veggies in Every Meal
Less than 400Kcal per Kidfresh meal
No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
Great Taste Kids Love
0g Trans Fats
Moderate in Sodium
No High Fructose Corn Syrup
BPA Free Tray

 Kidfresh cares for the environment and the community and uses BPA-free food containers, 100% recyclable packaging and is a proud sponsor of Save the Children.

The little boy and I were very excited to stock up on 4 of the 6 meal options available.


My son looked forward to dinner each night that we had a Kidfresh meal to eat. And I was thrilled to have prepackaged, healthy dinners to quickly serve up on the nights we needed to be out and about. With the demanding weeknight routine,  it is nice to have quick, easy and most importantly –  healthy meal options.

The little food critic ranked the above meals as follows:

1. Muy Cheesy Quesadilla – These Quesadillas were his favorite!



I paired it with my version of a mexican rice (Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley mixed with black beans, diced tomatoes and taco seasoning).


  • Extremely easy to prepare! They can be heated up either in a pan or microwave oven. I chose the pan method because I wanted to get the crispness for the tortilla.


  • You would never ever know these quesadillas were frozen. I was extremely surprised how “unpackaged” and fresh they seemed.
  • Each quesadilla crisped beautifully and tasted delicious.
  • Each quesadilla comes individually wrapped so you can easily make just one if you didn’t want two (but you will want to eat both, trust us!)


  • The only complaint from my son was about the cheese. While he loved the taste of the quesadillas, he felt the cheese was  a little “runny”.

2.  Wagon Wheel Mac + Cheese – His second favorite

wagon wheel



  • Filling! Since I suffer from portion distortion, I was so afraid the bowl of mac and cheese would not be enough. While he did lick the bowl clean, he was satisfied and did not ask for anything else to eat.
  • He loved the cheese. He is convinced it is the same cheese used for both the mac + cheese and quesadilla. He liked the cheese better for the mac and cheese and said they should pick a “less runny” cheese for the quesadilla.
  • Easy to prepare – I popped the bowl into the microwave for a few minutes.


  • I would have liked the wagon wheel macaroni to have been a whole grain pasta. I only buy whole grain pasta so I was a little disappointed that the ingredient list includes the pasta as simple “Durum Wheat Semolina”.

Totally Twisted Pasta + Meatballs:



I served this meal with a side salad (unpictured because he eats too fast).


  • Good sized portion. Once again I was fooled by my portion distortion that perhaps it would not be enough. He licked the bowl clean and was full. 
  • He liked (not loved) the taste of the meatballs.
  • Easy to prepare – I popped the meal into the microwave for a few minutes.


  • He felt the sauce needed more flavor. I have a feeling that for most little kids, the sauce has enough flavor. For kids (and adults) who love Italian food and pizza, they may find the sauce too bland.
  • The whole grain vs. regular pasta issue again.

Easy Cheesy Ravioli




  • Portion size was great.
  • Easy to prepare – I once again popped  the bowl into the microwave.


  • He chose this as his least favorite. We were both disappointed because the bowl of ravioli looked so yummy.
  • He did not like the texture and taste of the cheese inside of the ravioli and once again felt the sauce was too bland.


Despite his review, he still managed to eat the entire bowl.
Overall review:

I was nervous at first that the Kidfresh meals would NOT be enough food for my son. He has a healthy appetite and I feared that I would serve him this dinner and he would still be hungry. I do not often buy packaged meals and I like to have control over making sure there is enough food on the plate to satisfy the appetite.

BOY WAS I WRONG! While I did pair both the quesadillas and pasta + meatballs with a small side, the portion sizes of the meals were quite satisfying.

The ingredients list for each meal was superb and the calorie count within a great range for a meal. All meals clocked in at 300 calories or less.

He did not notice the “hidden veggies” in any of the meals.

All meals were extremely easy and quick to prepare offering both a microwave heating option as well as stovetop and/or conventional oven option.

kidfresh meals

I would absolutely recommend to purchase these meals to have on hand for your kids and yourself as well.

If you crave a bowl of mac and cheese, all you would need is a quick steam bag of veggies on the side (or mixed into the macaroni and cheese) and voila! Easy, quick, healthy meal in a matter of 5 minutes!

Think out of the age group when you want out of a package! Just because it is called Kidfresh, doesn’t mean there is an age requirement.

Don’t I always say use your own meal imagination?



Two lucky readers will receive (2) Two Coupons for FREE Kidfresh meals and (1) One Coupon for $1 off!


Simply leave a comment (make sure to include your email address) on this post stating your favorite frozen food product to have on hand in your freezer! The more  comments you leave, the better your chance at being chosen! 

For additional entries, you can also leave a comment on the link to the post on our facebook page.

Two winners will be selected at random from among all comments received this Friday, March 15th!

Good luck!

Be sure to check out Kidfresh:

*All opinions expressed in this product review are our own. Kidfresh provided us with product coupons. I was in no other way compensated for this post.

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  1. says

    Portions are totally out of control…I usually go by the “eat about half” rule when I am out, but really try to tune into my hunger to make sure I am eating appropriate amounts.
    I almost always have garden burger veggie burgers in my freezer…quick and easy go to.
    The kid fresh meals sound great!

    • says

      Mine too lol…we are still so alike…Benji always loved the sweet potato littles. Yet regular sweet potatoes or my sweet potato fries? He argues with me that he doesn’t like sweet potatoes.

  2. Danielle Swiss says

    Love this blog…….I usually buy the kid cuisine frozen meals…..and now I’m embarrassed that I do……they probably are not very healthy.