Meal Imagination

It is Thursday once again and we know what that means:


The newspaper arrived with my favorite store circulars completely dry on my doorstep.

There is no snow outside just a stiff wind and some damp roads. I stopped listening to the forecast because I decided I don’t even understand what the meteorologists are  saying. When they spend their time speaking without really giving us exact details to ensure they don’t “mess up” the forecast, they end up saying a lot of nothing.

peanuts teacher

Actually, the whole speaking without really saying anything substantial reminds me of back in school when you had to answer those essay questions and you didn’t really have a clue what to write because you didn’t know the answer so you just filled the paper with meaningless sentences.

Anyway, something very excited happened this morning.


I love my giant larger than life granny smith apples. You know this.

As we discussed yesterday, I will pay a little bit more for the food I want to keep in the house.

And buying gigantic apples can be quite pricey when they are $1.99 or even $2.49 lb.


They make for a mean chocolate covered caramel apple though.

Fairway Market often runs great sales of 99 cents a pound for my giant apples. And the best part about the sale?

I have started to figure out their sale cycle.

I am onto them if you will.

The sale seems to run every other week.

So, yesterday as  I stocked up on the essentials for this so-called storm, I passed on the regular priced granny smith apples under the assumption that my flyer this morning would advertise them for 99  cents/lb starting this Friday (tomorrow).

The fact that I was right excites me.  It is the little things in life, people. Remember that.


This man did his duty of storm stocking the chips.

Speaking of chips, we thankfully haven’t located the Lay’s chicken and waffles chips.

The little boy had a fabulous idea yesterday though and  I cannot believe I didn’t think of it first.

He asked for chicken and waffles for dinner.

Simple meal to throw together, healthy and kid appealing.


He loved it and I loved making something he loved. And he didn’t bring up the chips. Win win.

If you spot something orange on the plate it was my attempt at throwing  a vegetable into the mix. A roasted carrot. It was the only thing left when he was finished.

Hey, I tried.

Before I get to what else we have been eating and enjoying this week, I really must say thank you to all of my readers and fellow bloggers. I have received such a warm reception in the last several weeks and cannot thank you all enough. I am truly honored that so many people tune in each day to read what I have to say.

Not only am I honored, I am speechless that Michele from Run Girl Ramblings mentioned me in her post and said The Cookie ChRUNicles is “one of her favorite blogs” and Kristin over at Stuft Mama referred to me in her post as a “genius” for introducing her to the roasted carrot. Those kind words and gestures along with everyone else’s fabulous feedback has just been amazing. Thank you thank you.

Run Girl Ramblings tried out the two-ingredient pancake. Did anyone else? I have made the pancakes a few times since my last pancake post and I have become an expert flipper in a very short amount of time.


But I haven’t been eating them for breakfast. I have been eating the pancake for lunch.

Over a salad.

Sometimes I just can’t decide what I want for lunch. Sometimes I want sweet, sometimes I want savory, sometimes I just want a big ol’ bowl of something to fill my ravenous appetite.


Don’t judge me until you try it. Then you will understand. Delicious.


Get creative people. Unleash your own meal imaginations!

Stuft Mama and I have a roasting vegetable obsession.


As I said earlier, I turned her on to the roasted carrot. I suggest you all try roasting a carrot as well if you haven’t yet.

In addition to all of these fun meals, there are definitely times when the boy and I are rushing around and I don’t have the time or the energy to start cooking up a full blown banquet. I am not a fan of frozen or prepackaged meals, but I do keep a few items in my freezer for these occasions so that the boy is quickly fed something satisfying and doesn’t require a drive-thru window.


We have also been busy testing out the product line from Kidfresh  and we will be doing a full review shortly along with a giveaway!

All I can say so far is that even if you don’t have kids, stay tuned because you may want a few of these boxes in your freezer anyway!


I am off to get my day figured out and the boy ready for school. There may be no snow on the ground but I am pretty sure there will be no outdoor run for me. Oh well. The treadmill it is.

Have a great Thursday!

I need to know:

Do you read your store circulars each week?

Do you ever combine sweet and savory to satisfy both cravings?

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    • says

      Thank you. I made a bunch of them for my son’s birthday a few months ago. They were out of this world! I love the chocolate apples from Disney World so I felt the need to try and replicate them!

  1. says

    Love that “you’re getting on to them.” That’s awesome though! I am impressed by your couponing/sale skills. And the Kidfresh mac and cheese sounds like it’s right up my inner 9-year-old alley.

    • says

      You would probably like this mac and cheese. I recommend buying it and trying it out…ingredients are good and minimal and great to have on hand when you don’t know what to eat.