How Much Is Your Health Worth?

It was as if Ernie, the spin instructor at Lifetime, read my post yesterday.

It seemed as though he wanted to keep the 1980’s alive for me and played an amazing mix of music. As hard and intense as the class was, I couldn’t have been happier to increase the bike’s intensity along to the beat of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now.” 


I used to think Tiffany was so cool. I bet she had a pair of velcro rainbow sneakers.

Anyway, I am a little annoyed at Mother Nature today. Clearly she didn’t get the memo that Spring has been revised (by me) to start March 1st. The last thing I am in the mood for is another snow storm.

The wind is already whipping outside. I have yet to decide if I will be braving the elements for a run before the snow starts falling or just visit my friend, treadmill.

Snow is so not part of my training plan.

Not to mention I don’t feel like dealing with the whole “stocking up for an impending storm.”

Yeah yeah yeah, I know it looks like I am always stocking up anyway.


My blueberry supply is dwindling. I guess I will have to hit the produce store to avoid the crazy “get ready for the blizzard with potato chips” type of lines once again.

Speaking of stocking up, it seems I have created a bit of a monster.


What’s wrong with a pile of lollipops? Well, my son pocketed these pops from the front desk at the barber shop. He said, “Mom, they are free. We like free.”

In addition to hoarding lollipops, the other night I caught him printing some interesting things off his computer:


Extreme couponing and lollipop hoarding at the age of 9. Perhaps we can have our own reality series.

If it is hard to see his choices, the highlights of his coupon selections are a full page of Glade products, blue box mac and cheese and Yoplait yogurts.

My thoughts:

The Glade concerns me. Does he feel our house smells? Is this a passive aggressive coupon choice? 

He was proud to show me the yogurt coupons. I didn’t tell him I no longer buy Yoplait.


Why don’t I buy them you ask? Well, you see, this is where I say food choices are not all about calories.

Just because it is “nonfat” yogurt and  “Only 90 calories!” doesn’t mean it is your best selection. One needs to look at ingredients. 


Where do I begin with this disaster of an ingredients list? Should I start with the aspartame, the preservatives or the Red #40 which has been banned in other countries?

No further questions your honor.

We all know my son is a huge fan of the Chobani bites but I don’t only buy greek yogurts. Stonyfield has a nice line of regular (organic) nonfat yogurts that my son enjoys as well. With no funky added ingredients.


I don’t always have a coupon though for these yogurts. Sure, I am able to seek out a deal every now and then but, even without a coupon or sale, I make the choice to buy them.

It is extremely hard for a deal-seeker like me to pass up the coupons for the Yoplait yogurts that are delivered to my doorstep just about every Sunday. 

But how much is your health worth to you? This is a question I think about often.

I would rather spend a little bit more on groceries that I know are made with a “cleaner ” list of ingredients than save a few dollars on less than stellar food choices.

I cannot buy all organic or shop at Whole Foods for all of my groceries. Nor can I control the milk used in Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or the type of eggs and other ingredients restaurants cook with to make our meals.

But I can make choices and decisions regarding the food that comes into my house and I try my best to ensure a majority of it is of the highest and healthiest quality. Even if it means paying the price.


 I think these chips are the reason behind the boy’s couponing. He must assume he can butter me up with a coupon.

So far I have been lucky. He has not spotted a bag on any local store shelves.

I need to know:

How much is your health worth to you?

Do you buy what is on sale or are there certain products you buy regardless of the price?

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  1. says

    I love the “passive aggressive” Glade coupon printing. That’s hysterical. It’s so funny that he’s printing coups at the ripe old age of 9 🙂 My health is worth a lot so I will shell out some dough for healthy food. But I am always annoyed that my boyfriend will buy the bargain 89 cent loaf of crappy white bread because he’s trying to save money. Sigh…some day.

    • says

      89 cents is certainly a good price, at least he isn’t spending a fortune on that kind of food! lol. I always wonder if my son knows that bread is available in any other color than brown.

  2. says

    I definitely make my health a priority, so tend to spend money where necessary 🙂
    Also…i have that Tiffany song stuck in my head now- thanks 😉