My So-Called Double Life

Rise and shine friends!

I’m back from being unplugged. Just in time for Monday.

The weekend went so fast, especially while I disconnected for a bit from technology.

Isn’t it funny how a weekend of only 48 hours can seem like a lifetime away from the weekly routine?

When the little boy is with his dad I feel especially removed from my usual routine. I refer to it as my double life.

Or as my good friend (who is also divorced with a little girl) and I sometimes call it, “Our bi-polar weekends.”

I am free to do what I want, when I want. how I want. Or, do nothing at all.

So what did I do this weekend?

Well, we know I completed my long run early Saturday morning. Exact mileage still uncertain but I do know I didn’t feel so great in the hours afterward.

Sometimes that happens. I wasn’t sore, nothing hurt but I was tired.

And craving eggs.

I am not a huge egg eater, I prefer sweet over savory.

But the egg craving kicked in Saturday night and woke me out of my sleep.

I really didn’t have the strength to start cooking so I held off on the egg until morning. Normally a random craving like an egg would go away. But it didn’t.

So I deviated from my normal breakfast (imagine how strong my craving was?) and I finally made the two-ingredient pancake. Well, my version.


If you aren’t familiar with the two-ingredient pancake, it is a pancake comprised of only eggs and banana. You can read more about it from Tina at Carrots N. Cake by clicking here.

For my version, I mixed one egg, 2 egg whites and half of a banana.

I also added a sprinkle of cinnamon and a handful of blueberries. And of course topped it off with some peanut butter in place of syrup.


I didn’t flip very well but hey, I am an oatmeal eater. You should just see my stirring abilities.

I even broke out my special pancake plate for the occasion.


How cute?

I have these too.



I used to have a cookie plate. But it broke.

I still have the matching cookie glasses though


Note the spoon in the glass. Why is it there you ask? I wondered the same thing for a moment when I walked into the kitchen. Then I remembered.

Instead of scrambling eggs in the middle of the night, I made a glass of chocolate milk.

See, when the little boy is away I behave as though I am in college and mix myself drinks in the middle of the night and leave the kitchen a mess to be found in the morning.

I am such a rebel.

Some weekends my friend and I do feel as though we are reliving some form of a college life.

There are times when our kids are away, these moms play. We have been known to hit Manhattan, Fire Island and Long Beach all within an 18 hour time period.


If you aren’t familiar with New York, those three destinations are not exactly close to each other . They require a bridge or two, a tunnel and a ferry.

More often than not though, I think we just enjoy a little breathing room. A little bit of silence. The ability to clean the house, run errands in peace,  or just go out for dinner and only have to pay for ourselves.

And most importantly, get life in order for when the kids return.

As I spent the rest of my double life weekend getting a manicure, running errands and hitting a few malls to window shop, I realized as I walked around that people looking at me really have no idea I am a mother.

There is no proof of a 9 year old boy who will be as tall as me before I know it.

When I get my nails done, my hand looks like this:


No evidence that I was once someone’s bride.


Therefore there is certainly no evidence that I am baseball mom that has to sit her tushy on those uncomfortable bleacher seats several times a week from Spring through the fall.Image

Or any proof that I am a healthy lunchbox packing, carpool driving, get-your-homework-done-or-your-iproducts-are-taken-away mother.

It is a very interesting feeling.

Good thing I don’t forget who I am.

In fact, I spent some of my free time yesterday perusing recipes to make the little boy dinner for when he returned home.

My son told me that the school cafeteria gave out samples of a new chicken dish they may serve next year – Apricot chicken.

If the school cafeteria can make it, so can I.

After looking at a bunch of different recipes, I decided on my ingredients for the sauce.


I mixed a spoonful of the preserves, a spoonful of soyaki, a drop of soy sauce and a pinch of cinnamon.

I poured the mixture over the chicken and baked at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


It may not look it but the sauce was delicious! I even threw in some cauliflower and carrots before putting it all over Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley.


He ate the entire bowl. This brown rice medley is my accomplice. My partner in vegetable crime if you will.

The different colors and textures of the rice medley allows me to add just about any vegetable without it being obvious to the eye. Or the taste buds.

I know he “liked” cauliflower last week but I didn’t even mention I mixed it in last night.

“Don’t ask don’t tell” are words to live by when cooking for kids.

And here we are back in the regular routine of motherhood. As much as my friend and I enjoy our double life weekends, we are both happy when the door opens and our kids are home.

They are actually quite fun to hang out with.


I need to know:

Do you ever have random food cravings, especially after a long run?

Do you eat what you crave when you crave it?

Did you “unplug” from technology this past weekend and do anything fun?

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  1. says

    Your post was so beautiful today. Funny but so sad at the same time. I am sure that it touched a lot of hearts.

    • says

      thank you! I think I am getting better at my flipping, I made a pancake for my son this morning and it came out perfect! Amazing how well it holds together. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, I have made similar types of pancakes using oats, pumpkin, banana etc.

  2. EZTWINS says

    Loved this entry. Thank you for 2 new amazing recipes. OH, and you were the most beautiful bride!

  3. says

    I love the 2 ingredient pancake concept. I am def going to try it.
    As a single mom myself, I remember in the beginning (of my divorce) not knowing what to do with myself when I didn’t have my kids for the weekend and all this free time (wish I was a runner then). Now 8 years later, I can’t imagine not having that time! It was so refreshing to be able to do things knowing that no one is waiting for me to tend to them. Enjoy your free weekends.

    • says

      I felt the same way- a few years ago I just did not understand the concept of having my free time nor did I know what to do with it. Now, I am happy to have not a thing to do and just sit back and enjoy.