Just Call Me Half Crazy

Another sign Spring is on the way….the sun is slowly starting to rise before 7:00 am giving me the opportunity to get outside earlier!


I love to run early and be done in order to have the rest of the day ahead of me. 

11 Miles – Accomplished.

I think.

Why do I sound unsure you wonder?

Well, once again my phone battery died. And prior to my phone shutting off on me, my running app, MapMyRun, started misbehaving.

The MapMyRun app has the tendency to track your distance accurately. Until it doesn’t.

It will randomly begin miscalculating your mileage and chime into your ear to inform you that your latest mile (which should have taken you maybe 8 minutes or so to complete) has taken 14 minutes or even 16 minutes.

So…what’s a girl to do to determine her mileage without an accurate GPS and a dead phone?

One must rely on a clock. 

Notice I didn’t say watch.

I don’t run with a watch.

Or a clock.

But I have gotten creative.

I now resort to changing my route to run past my car to view the time.

Am I resourceful or what?


Good thing my car has an old-fashioned clock that doesn’t require the car to be running in order to view the time.

Otherwise I guess my only other option to determine my time would be using a sun-dial.


Sure, I could make things simple and find a new GPS app, get a better battery for my phone or just run with a watch.

But that would be way too simple.

Anyway, I am so glad I have maintained my long run routine throughout the winter…


 I am officially registered for the More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon April 14, 2013 in Central Park!

I unofficially had this race on my calendar for a while but I finally sat down with my credit card last night to submit my application.

There is just something about 13.1 miles that attracts me.I am not a fan of 5k races, 10k races are just OK and I have no plans for running the full 26.2.

Just call me “half crazy” (or maybe full-on crazy if you count the way I determined my mileage this morning).

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to clean the house while the little boy is with his dad. 


I need to know:

How many miles did you run this morning?

I know I have asked before, but I am asking again – do you use a GPS app on your phone? If so, which one do you recommend?

What races are you registered to run this Spring?

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  1. says

    How creative to use the ‘old fashioned’ clock in your car! That’s awesome! I use an app on my phone called Endomondo. I really love it. It has a whole community of folks on there too (kinda like facebook, but without all the photos and BS.) You may want to check it out. They have a free version and a Pro version.
    As you know, no run for me today (and a painful heel too this a.m.) but I dreamt about running!! 😉 Also no races on the horizon until I am back running.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    haha- that cracks me up that you run by your car to check the time. I use to use mapmyrun, then I finally broke down and got a garmin.