As Good as Godiva?

Good morning! How is everyone doing today? My legs are no longer tired from earlier in the week; I am so glad I did an elliptical workout yesterday as an easy cross training day. It is about 40 degrees this morning which means I can venture outdoors for a short run before I get busy with my day.

You know how I love Sunday for the coupon section in the newspaper? Well, I think Thursday is right up at the top of the list with coupon Sunday.


Thursday mornings the circulars arrive advertising the local stores’ upcoming sales. I peruse all of the circulars, making a list of the best pricing for products I normally buy.


A good sale excites me. I can’t lie. In fact, last week’s sales were so great that I already went back to one grocery store two times so that I could restock before the sale ended.

Call me crazy. Go ahead. But how much did you pay for your cauliflower? 98 cents a head like me? Or 99 cents a pound for giant granny smith apples? 

See. Now you understand.

Only one problem – my refrigerator is totally not built for healthy eaters, let alone vegetarians or even for “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” followers.


Hmm. Now this is an interesting thought. Did you ever look at how a basic refrigerator is structured? I mean, I don’t have a Sub Zero but from my experience, the more I think about it, refrigerators for the most part give you a basic “crisper” drawer for your produce. As if I could even fit 4 of my big apples in there. Let alone everything else I buy.

I am a vegetarian/clean eater living in a carnivore’s processed food world I tell you. Add this to being a lefty in a right handed world and man, I have some serious problems.


Even my freezer can’t handle all of my frozen bags of vegetables. See that mess? I hate a mess. I have to work on organizing it (or at least eating everything on the bottom shelf today).

If you look closely, you will notice a Chobani bite in the freezer.

I highly recommend that you stick a few of those bite containers on in and try it frozen. Just shove it in there like I did.


We all know my son and I are huge fans of the Chobani bite. Raspberry  with dark chocolate chips to be specific (although we intend to try all of the flavors very shortly).


I recently asked my son if he wanted a Chobani bite in his lunch box (I try to mix it up and not overplay the snacks because then he gets sick of the same thing every day).

His response to the question – “Yes, yes make sure it is in there. The raspberry dark chocolate flavor tastes exactly like my favorite dark chocolate truffle from Godiva only it has got to be less calories and less expensive.”

Either he has a career in marketing, as a food critic or he just hangs out with me too often.

I then decided to freeze the yogurt and see if he would like it that way as a dessert option for after dinner. I used to love to freeze chocolate puddings back in the day so I figured why not give this a try.

His response to eating the yogurt frozen – “OMG this tastes just like the Krackel candy bar.”

Is he one with food analogies or what?

Now, Krackel isn’t raspberry in flavor, but the chocolate pieces throughout the Chobani yogurt does definitely give off that same textured crunch as a Krackel, especially when frozen.


And look at this –  I didn’t even know Godiva had a dark chocolate raspberry ice cream flavor. (290 calories, 16 grams of fat, might I add). 


We all know I am not against the occasional indulgence but on a regular basis, especially as snacks/desserts to have on hand in the house, I would much rather my son eats a frozen greek yogurt (that he is truly thrilled to be eating) than a chocolate bar or ice cream.

If you are looking for a high protein, filling (and no artificial ingredient) snack, I definitely recommend the Chobani bite yogurts – storing some in your refrigerator and some in your freezer.

Besides great nutritional content and tasting great, I like freezing snacks like this because they take longer to eat and trick you into thinking you ate more than you did simply based on how long it takes to finish it.

They say it takes 20 minutes for your brain to even register that you are full.  My little man shovels food in his mouth as if he is part of some eating contest. He is often finished with his meals and snacks so fast that he thinks he is still hungry.

Doesn’t this happen to all of us when we eat too quickly? I always tell him to give his brain a chance to register it is full.

By giving him a snack that forces him to slow down, he is not only quiet for a much longer amount of time but his brain is able to let his stomach know he is full by the time he is finished.

I have a lot of questions today:

Do you have enough room in your refrigerator?

Do you ever snacks that aren’t traditionally meant to be in the freezer?

Are you a fast or slow eater?

And, have you checked out my new page, Slam Book? It is still a work in progress but it is a fun way for you to get to know more about me.

**All thoughts, opinions and direct quotes from my son in this post are our own, Chobani did not compensate us to write this specific review.

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    Oh my lord your poor freezer is jam-packed! haha I totally understand though, I went out and bought wayyyy too much food for food prep on Sunday and my fridge is just about to throw up. Can’t pass up a good sale though!

  2. says

    I NEVER have enough room in the fridge! And i am pretty much the slowest eater in the world. Those Chobani bites are awesome! they are the perfect little snack. i’ve only tried the raspberry one, but can’t wait to find the other flavors!