It’s Spinning Three Tip Tuesday once again! I swear the days sometimes seem to drag yet somehow fly right by me at the same time.

Before we get down to business, let’s recap, shall we?

Are you ready for how many kids brought in a red fruit or vegetable for Snack Attack yesterday?

3…. Including my son… A classroom of 27 children and only 3 kids had a fruit or vegetable in their snack bag.

I don’t know why I am shocked. I mean, I knew the day I prepared for the blizzard that hitting the produce store was the best option to avoid lines since most people don’t stock their homes with fruits and vegetables.

But doesn’t anyone buy some form of fruit or vegetable on a regular basis? Or, at the very least, buy produce for your children when a notice is sent home to prepare their snack bag for Snack Attack?

Perhaps all of the kids rip up the notices that are sent home from school? Here I thought my child was unique and wanted to create a puzzle for me or give me something else to clean up.

My son said someone brought in an apple and he spotted a vegetable across the room. One of his friends felt that his cheeseballs counted.


Maybe this child read the ingredients and saw “red #40” and felt he deserved partial credit.

In any event, I can’t control what other parents feed their children. I know I will pack a red fruit again today. Most likely it will be strawberries. But I have a Fuji apple waiting on deck just in case.


You should know I always have a minimum of 5 apples in my kitchen. Always Granny Smith and a few Fuji, Gala or Pink Lady thrown in for variety. Once my supply starts to dwindle below 5, I must restock.

No, I am not anal or obsessive compulsive. We know by now it is not good to be around me when I am hungry. It is even worse to be around me if I can’t have an apple and peanut butter every day.

In fact, I vote that the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”  be revised to say, “An apple with peanut butter a day keeps the doctor away”.


Ok, now where was I? Right, recapping:

Yesterday’s run was fabulous.


My favorite sneakers came out for the occasion. I am still breaking these in but it took them no time at all to become acquainted with the pavement.

I ended up running 6 awesome miles. I felt great. I could’ve kept going.

But I stopped myself at 6.

Why did I stop you ask? Great question. Leads us right into Three Tip Tuesday!

This week’s topic is a bit of a math lesson.

We will be working with percentages today class.  10%  to be exact.

Tip #1 – 10% Rule when applied to running:

Have you ever heard the expression, “It is better to be 10% undertrained than 10% overtrained.” If not, this expression (rule) means that even if you are feeling great, stop yourself while you still have a drop more to give.

It is better to end a workout feeling great, as though you could have run a little bit more rather than push yourself that extra mile or two and feel completely burnt out. Or worse, set yourself up for injury.

I was flying high yesterday. I easily could have completed another 3 or 4 miles. Easily. Or so I thought. I didn’t stay out there to find out. It wasn’t worth it to me to put in additional miles and risk being tired, sore or overtrained for today’s spin class.

There is always tomorrow. That is what I tell myself. Unless I am running in a race, I always finish a workout knowing I had a drop more to give.

Tip #2- 10% Rule when applied to eating:

I don’t know about you, but my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I feel hungry, I see food on my plate, I want to eat it all. And sometimes I do. And then I am overly full, uncomfortable and wishing I had stopped myself from finishing my meal or taking another snack.

Portion distortion, people. Supersized meal deals, vente coffee drinks, overflowing plates of pasta, giant slices of pizza…even the cups in the self-serve yogurt stores are gigantic, tricking you into filling it up well beyond the amount of a true serving size (total marketing ploy!).

Over the last 20 years, portion sizes served in restaurants have over doubled. We have all become accustomed to consuming more and expecting large portions rather than a true serving size plate of food.

bbq ranch salad

My favorite salad from The Cheesecake Factory: BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, hold the chicken (I am vegetarian, remember?), spicy skinnylicious dressing on the side please. Thanks.

We all know The Cheesecake Factory can pile that plate high. And I can eat it all. Sometimes, I even complain that it isn’t big enough. Yeah, I know, I am a runner, I have an appetite to feed and I can consume as much as I want. And yeah, I know, it is only a salad.

But, there is a fine line between satisfied and full. At least for me there is. Once I reach too full, I am uncomfortable and my stomach sticks out. No joke here. Last night my son asked me if I was pregnant since my stomach was sticking out after dinner.


I am certainly not pregnant. Unless I am giving birth to vegetables. 

Even though a majority of my diet is clean eating, nutrient dense foods, one can still overdo it. It is so much smarter to stop yourself from finishing your plate when you feel satisfied, rather than end up overly full, consuming more calories than your body really needs.

Just like with exercise, finish your meal knowing you could have eaten a drop more (10% more!). Just because there is more on your plate, doesn’t mean you need to eat it all.

And last but not least, Tip #3- 10% when applied to shopping:

We all know by now that I love a good coupon and bargain. Heck, one of the first words my mother taught me to read was sale.


Besides recommending coupon links and coupon websites, I have another great money-saving tip:

Contrary to popular belief, most stores that offer coupons DO NOT actually require you to have the store coupon on hand. I do not always have store coupons on me nor do I always know every store’s current promotion.

HOWEVER, I always say the following when I am at the register, “Oh, I am so sorry, I forgot my coupon…”

Most of the time, the cashier will gives me whatever promotion is currently being offered.

Maybe only 10% of the time this little coupon technique fails to work in my favor!

Try it, let me know if you score a deal.

Enjoy your day!

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