Snack Attack

It must be a heat wave. Third consecutive day waking up with temperatures at or above freezing.

This morning I am even greeted with sunshine. And, from my window, it appears that the trees are standing still…. No wind!

It is the little things in life that can perk up a Monday morning.

Very excited to run outside today!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have been loving my time spent at Lifetime Fitness this winter.


Look at this massive place. No wonder I seem to get lost in there for hours.


And sure, the cafe is an added benefit.

If you know me, you know I need to eat every few hours. So wherever we go, make sure there is decent food available. (Unless of course you feel like seeing me hungry. Not a fun experience. For either of us)

Lifetime is awesome. It is. On any given day at basically any given hour, you have your choice of cardio machines, weights, group fitness classes (yoga, pilates, dance, Zumba, spin, kickbox etc), swimming, a good shower and healthy food. Not to mention, you can sign your children into the kid’s club to play for 2 hours (This alone is reason to join).

But call me simple – nothing compares to running outdoors.


Before I head out for my run today, I must get the boy ready for school. 


Funny that he brought this note home in one piece. We all know he tends to rip up school notices.

He likes to create puzzles for me to piece together. (Maybe he feels I don’t do enough puzzles with him? Hmm. Add it to the list of what I don’t do enough of, just like the Orthodontist’s list).

Snack Attack. Bring it on.

This week’s snack must be a fruit or vegetable that is red.


He loves strawberries. I bought these berries on sale this week for  $1.88 a container!

I am curious to hear what red snacks the other kids bring to school. I would love to get him to bring red pepper strips with hummus (he loves hummus – but who doesn’t?).

He doesn’t eat enough vegetables and I truly believe if he would just taste the red pepper strips, he would love them.

When I was younger, i was the pickiest eater. I do not know what fruit I would have brought in had my school had the “Snack Attack” program.

I am wondering if the red box of Sun Maid raisins would have counted as a red fruit. 


I need to know:

Did you eat your fruits and vegetables when you were a kid?

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  1. says

    I absolutely loved my veggies and fruits. I grew up on a mediterranean diet so it was a regular staple to eat veggies…everything from okra to artichokes, carrot dishes, and more. And every night it was my dad’s ritual to make a bowl of fruit for everyone. And I love Lifetime too. I go to one here in Beachwood, Ohio. It’s awesome and amazing and I spend way too much time there. I just did the 30 day commitment to yoga and the evolve cleanse event they had, it was such a great learning experience about food and commitment to your health.

  2. EZTWINS says

    Definitely was not a veggie lover. Interesting how our tastes change as our palates mature. Love the snack attack. Red pepper hummus to go with the pepper strips!