A Saturday Run and a Confession

Do you hear that? Listen close…it is the sound of silence. The little boy is at his dad’s this weekend. He was picked up last night before dinner and he will be back tomorrow night.

Don’t think for one minute that I slept in. Nope. Was up bright and early to get my long run in for the day.

The treadmill and I are becoming good friends. Although I am not thrilled that she, (is the treadmill a she? hmm), she likes to end our little get togethers promptly at 60 minutes.

So, to combat the machine shutting off on me mid-run, I chose to stop at 45 min, take a quick bathroom break and then start it back up from square one.

I like to do things on my own terms.

11.50 miles. Done. And rather easily if I do say so myself. Love a good run day.

Wait. Silence interrupted.

He just “facetimed” me. These kids and their technology.

I know how to answer the facetime call but I am not so sure how to dial out. Or face out? Is that what one would say to make a facetime call? 

I think I am getting old.

From our conversation, I gathered the following:

My version of good news– He took a shower and even washed his face. Teeth aren’t brushed yet but at least I got the chance to remind him.

And, thanks to facetime, I was even able to see what he was wearing and that he matched.

Well, he always matches when he is away from home. And no, not because he has the best fashion sense or that anyone pays much attention to making sure he coordinates his clothes.

One too many times when he has returned on a Sunday, he strolls on in wearing part of an outfit I packed for Saturday mixed with part of an outfit I packed for Sunday.

As I have explained to him, he is a reflection of his parenting. And I cannot allow him to walk around this world, ESPECIALLY on weekends that he is not with me, wearing black and red Addidas pants with a navy and brown Nike shirt.

So I got smart. I now pack him with outfits that no matter how he pulls them out of his bag, they will all coordinate.

I know. I am a genius.

His version of good news – He already had a few snickers bars this morning (please tell me that wasn’t breakfast?) from the Valentine’s Day candy that was given to him by several relatives last night. And speaking of last night, he told me he had a cheeseburger deluxe and an eclair for dessert.

By the time he gets home tomorrow night, he is totally full, nauseous and ready for a good detox, otherwise known as my cooking.

In other news, I have a confession to make:


Yes, you are correct. Those look like the spoons you are given with your yogurt creations at the self-serve yogurt stores.

I take mine home. They are so cute and so perfect for spooning out peanut butter or for eating oatmeal or for cereal or for homemade ice cream sundaes or for…anything.


Tell me that isn’t a perfect spoonful of peanut butter.

In a sea full of these self-serve yogurt stores, I absolutely choose which store I go to based upon who has the best spoon. Now, from a marketing stand point (and it just so happens my undergrad degree is in marketing), the little things do matter. If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, you have to have something special, something unique, something your customer remembers you by.

Like a spoon.

Truth is, I don’t often go to these yogurt stores. I learned my lesson after my cup cost me $15. Do you know how many sundaes one can make at home for $15?

I do love my Red Mango yogurt parfaits for lunch on occasion but other than that, the rest of the self-serve yogurt stores I can pass on.


If I bother though to go to one of the other stores for a snack though, I go to 16 Handles.

They had me at their spoon.

And why yes, that jar of Crunch Time in the picture is most certainly filled with my oatmeal, yogurt and fruit breakfast.


Don’t I always say utilize your resources?

I may have drawers and cabinets filled with beautiful dishes, flatware, china and silver, but give me a yogurt store spoon and an empty jar and my meal is served.

Hey, at least my child always matches.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. says

    That is such a great idea!!! My favorite yogurt place doesn’t have very exciting spoons – I’m going to make a suggestion to them the next time I go …;)

    • says

      I once looked into ordering spoons wholesale (for a baking endeavor of mine)…I looked up the spoons I like and they of course were the most expensive choice. No wonder I like them and no wonder most stores don’t use them…Definitely tell your local fave place to get a cute and fun spoon, maybe they will listen!

  2. says

    I save spoons from frozen yogurt places too. We have a place called Menchies here that has cute pink spoons like that. My girls love them and they are so durable I can’t believe people throw them away. Good idea for PB!