Child Tested, Cookie Chrunicle Approved!

I woke up to an alert on my phone of the potential for black ice this morning. I guess that means I have plans with my new friend, Treadmill.

At least the school is open today and I can send the boy back since he is feeling 100% fine.

Yesterday he requested macaroni and cheese for dinner. Of course he did.

Throughout the years, especially when he was of preschool age (when kids are sick like every 2 weeks), I always made him macaroni and cheese since it was pretty much the only thing he would accept when he didn’t feel well.

Back then I bought the blue box. We all know what the blue box means. And I will admit I still have a few of the blue boxes on emergency reserve in the back of my pantry.

But these days it is all about Annie‘s.


He really enjoys this macaroni and cheese and I like the ingredient list and how minimal it is compared to the blue box.

Listen, it is still a packaged meal with a packet of cheese but hey, I say do what you can where you can.

Kids still want what they consider, “the good stuff”. As parents, we need to find the balance between their version of good and ours.

This topic leads me right into a new weekly series I will be calling:


As we know, my son likes to request snack foods based upon brand marketing and the snacks the other kids are bringing into school. I do my best to satisfy what he is looking for while trying to find a healthier yet still delicious version if possible.



Who doesn’t love a Nilla Wafer? I always did, didn’t you? And this Nilla Wafer, which is pretty boring and bland in comparison to a Chips Ahoy or Keebler chocolate filled and coated type cookie, seems so harmless doesn’t it?

Ha. Read the label people.


High Fructose Corn Syrup.Partially  Hydrogenated this and that.

The nerve, right?

Well looky what I found:


And I had a coupon too! Doesn’t get better than this.


If you want a cookie, you want a cookie. And it should taste good or you won’t be satisfied.

Country Choice Organic Products taste delicious. My son loves them and we buy a wide variety of goodies and oats from their product line.

This does not mean one sits down to eat the entire box to celebrate.

Just because we are looking to choose healthier, less processed meals and snacks does not mean these products are lower in calories and fat.

No need to eat them all at once anyway, there is always tomorrow.

If you just take a little time to look, you can find healthier versions for the usual processed meals and snacks.

Os often as possible, one should choose whole foods such as fruits and vegetables as snacks.

But let’s be real here. Sometimes one wants a cookie, a brownie or a bowl of mac and cheese.

And our kids certainly don’t want to bring a lunchbox filled with apples and carrots every single day.

So, if we are going to buy processed foods and snacks, let’s all aim for the products that use wholesome ingredients without the corn syrups, partially hydrogenated oils and ingredients we can’t pronounce.


What packaged snacks or meals do you buy? 

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