Run Like Someone Is Waiting For You to Finish

I woke up bright and early this morning looking forward to my favorite spin class.

You know that feeling when you just know you have it in you for a great run or work out? My muscles felt fresh and ready and I was so pleased given the fact that yesterday’s workout was kinda crummy.

And then I heard the all too familiar gagging sound coming from my son’s room.

The dreaded stomach virus.

Did the germ that invaded his body not realize that not only was the school finally opened again today after the blizzard but it was also Spin Tuesday?

How rude.

Thankfully he is ok and it doesn’t seem like a a terrible case at all. I mean he has already eaten a slice of toast, chicken noodle soup, dry cereal and some plain pasta.

Speaking of plain pasta – we all know I hate meal planning but I am certainly glad that I always make extra pasta when I cook pasta dishes. You never know when else during the week it will come in handy.

But no spin class for me today. Boo.

I was however very lucky and my dad stopped by on his way to work to watch the boy so that I could at least get my 30 minutes of exercise in for the day.

Anyone that knows me knows that I need my 30 minutes a day or I am one cranky girl.

While my running path was somewhat cleared, I decided that rock salt on the ground may signify ice making it not the best idea to run outside.  It just wasn’t worth risking an injury when I have the option of running indoors.


I decided this morning that the treadmill and I needed to become friends. Or at least be civil to each other.


Knowing that my dad could only stay a short time motivated me to get moving and get moving quick. Combine that with how great I was feeling and I quickly ran 4.25 miles.

Ahh. Much better. Isn’t it amazing how a great run or even something as simple as 30 minutes of exercise can boost one’s spirits?

While spin class is an hour, all I truly need is my 30 minutes to experience the positive effects that exercise can bring.

I speak from experience on this. Trust me. While going through my divorce, I had some less than shiny days. No matter what though, I got myself up and out every single day. Even if all I could was walk at 3.0 (and sometimes slower) on the treadmill or at a leisurely pace outside, it was something. And I always always felt better.

I love to run and I might enjoy a good sweat sometimes (everyone knows I try not to sweat and ruin my hair) but if all you can do is walk some days, it truly works wonders for you physically, emotionally and psychologically.


Are you in a better mood after you get your daily dose of exercise?

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    Oh man I nEEEEDDD the endorphins from an exercise. I hurt my knee on my long run this weekend and have been off it for two days. UGH I want to spin tonight but I have to rest it!