After the Storm

So putting the boy to work didn’t go exactly as planned. He did figure out which car was mine (they were all so buried we really couldn’t decide).


And then he was done. He lasted 5 minutes. The next 90 minutes were on me to dig my car out. Normally our landscaping crew is here doing this for us. Well, not this time. Have you seen them? Me neither.

A few neighbors asked if they could help me shovel. New Yorkers become friendly in snow storms. I had never spoken to these people before and they wanted to help me. I politely declined.

They were a little surprised that  I turned down their assistance. They asked again and said, “are you sure?”

What they didn’t realize was that this shoveling expedition was my work out for the day. I didn’t tell them but  I was treating these 26 inches of snow as 26 miles.

No way was I taking any help.

I have endurance. And determination. I am a runner. And now a shoveler.

But thank you anyway.

After I shoveled it was another meal time. Why is it when one is stuck home it always seems like a meal time? I feel like all I did was make us breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Speaking of snacks, we tested out another fabulous single serve dessert from Chocolate Covered Katie.

Coffee Cake in a mug was the choice of the night (did I give birth to this boy? If I did, how can it be that he selects the desserts without chocolate?)

I would have taken a picture of the cake in the mug but he ate it in record time. He eats ridiculously fast. Such a man.

So we survived another snowed in day here in New York. I have high hopes of getting out this morning and heading over to Lifetime followed by ice skating.

Have I mentioned cabin fever with a child is not easy? And I have decided that being a single parent makes it that much harder.

However, I wouldn’t want this to have been his dad’s “weekend.” As nutty as he can make me and as tiring as it is to make sure he is occupied and fed, if he wasn’t with me I would have been worried about the following:

Is it outside without a hat?

How many layers is he wearing?

Are his boots on or did he sneak out in his sneakers?

Is there snow going underneath the little opening between the gloves and coat making his hands wet? Are the gloves even on?

Is he back in the house in damp clothes?

Is he eating junk all day?

Is he being careful walking  as the melted snow has turned to ice?

Questions only a mother can think of.

May I leave you with this final thought? I would really love to know your opinion.

I love Sunday mornings because I love to go through the circulars that arrive at my doorstep with the Sunday paper. My son calls me an extreme couponer. I wouldn’t say I am extreme but who doesn’t like to save some money?

Anyway, I am truly annoyed these days at the coupon section. Is it any wonder the obesity rate is on the rise, especially the obesity rate of children, when the coupon selection certainly does not support healthy eating.


Is it fair that the healthier options and organic options very rarely offer a coupon and when they do, it is via the internet? I do my best each week to search the web for coupons for the brands I like to purchase but it is time consuming. The average adult barely has time to make a meal let alone do google searches for coupons.

I think I could go on and on about this topic. Perhaps a post for another day…

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  1. says

    Woah that is an extreme amount of snow!

    So true about the coupons – the ones that auto print at the grocery store checkout are inevitably for something processed and terrible for you. Which is weird because it prints out while I’m ringing up my fruits, veggies, and otherwise mostly healthy items!

    • says

      I wish the healthier brands would auto print! Never works that way. You would think they would want people buying their products so I am unsure why it is the way it is. Some type of marketing ploy by Nabisco and Kraft etc lol