Happy Friday friends! It took me a minute to realize it wasn’t Sunday since I ran my Saturday long route yesterday in preparation for the blizzard. It is already snowing outside and I have heard the lines for gas are super long. Everyone is clearly in a panic based upon the gas shortage that occurred after Hurricane Sandy.

I could use a fill up myself and I also need a quick stop at a grocery store. Yes, I did my food shopping yesterday but once the forecast increased the estimated snow fall amounts, I realized we may be stuck longer than I thought. And, if that is the case, I cannot allow myself to run out of blueberries. I currently have only one container. And I refuse to begin rationing blueberries to myself as I do in the fall when they are in limited supply.

I could also use a butternut squash, some cucumbers and an onion.

The good news is that I probably won’t have a line at a local produce market. Most people stock up on chips, dips, cookies and junk, the likelihood that anyone else is stocking up on produce for an impending storm is quite slim.

Call me crazy. I call it getting in my antioxidants to keep my skin pretty and my muscles happy.

Fruits and vegetables are not only waist friendly and tasty, they contain a wide variety of antioxidants and phytonutrients that benefit our bodies in so many ways. Did you know that blueberries contain a crazy abundance of powerful antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help our muscles recover quickly and limit damage to our bodies from free radicals?

See, now you understand the method to my madness.

Besides stocking up on the produce essentials and possibly filling the gas tank, I am hoping to get a spin class in this morning before I need to batten down the hatch.

School has yet to be canceled. I thank them for remaining open on behalf of all parents who fear the sudden onset of cabin fever.

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      Haha, it can get a little challenging at times. Especially when the typical snow day activity of baking something fun with kids is a regular occurrence in my house, not a novelty to my son!