Blizzard Schmizzard

I am ready for summer. Or even spring. Or simply a friendly winter which means no snow and  temperatures above 32 degrees. No such luck. Blizzard warning in effect through Saturday.

Saturday morning is designated as my long run morning. A blizzard may throw a wrench in my routine for this weekend. Hmm.

Good thing I am prepared with these:



How do these multi-colored fluorescent sneakers prepare me for a blizzard you ask? Ha. Easy.

When one chooses to run through a blizzard, they can easily be located by their feet should they end up in a snow drift or avalanche.

How’s that for a winter-running wardrobe tip?

OK. OK. In all seriousness (before my mother calls me from reading this post) I realize a blizzard means I cannot run on Saturday.

Knowing this, I pretended today was Saturday and ran this morning. Long run accomplished.

Blizzard Preparedness Tip #1 – adjust running schedule accordingly.

I am all about routine but one must be flexible since Mother Nature doesn’t really care about our training plans.

How long I actually ran today though is a little bit uncertain. Lately my iphone dies quite early on me. It seems when I run the Pandora app and the Map My Run app, the battery goes after about 65-70 minutes.

In case anyone is keeping track, this makes 2 runs in a row without music. And no, I do not enjoy it.

Does anyone else use these apps? If so, do you have this problem?

Blizzard Preparedness Tip #2 – Stock up on essentials. 

I hit up Trader Joe’s after my run to make sure I stocked the fridge. Sure, I have 20 jars of peanut butter and a freezer full of food to the point where I can’t squeeze another item in, but, there are still some items I need should I be stuck in the house for a day or so.

Blizzard conditions = baking opportunity.

I needed to make sure I had enough eggs, chocolate and other ingredients since I will probably be baking my way through the storm.


Ahhh. The Fearless Flyer. I knew it would be coming out any day as I have noticed some new products in the store during my last few trips.

Some new items of possible interest:

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks, Sweet Potato Tots and Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza.

I love Trader Joe’s but one needs to consciously review each product’s nutritional information prior to throwing into the cart. While their products are definitely made with better ingredients and no preservatives compared to most conventional brands, that does not mean everything is low in calories, fat and sodium. I normally skip over most of the frozen meal options and go for the fresh pizza doughs to make my own pizzas. Or even buy the string cheese packages to make my own mozzarella sticks.

I do however always have some quick ready-to go meal options always on hand in my house. I think I will devote an entire post to those meal options and even include my recipe for homemade healthified mozzarella sticks.

Are you in the blizzard zone? How are you preparing? 

If you shop at Trade Joe’s, what are your “must have” items?

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  1. says

    I am in love with those shoes!!! Seriously amazing. Your TJ’s comment just made my day. I worked at TJ’s for about a year and a half and was constantly in awe of the people that assumed the food they were buying was “healthy.” NOOOO!!! Half of the stuff in the frozen section is just as awful as anything else, just without the preservatives! TJ’s is good for cheap produce, ginger chews, JOE-JOE’s and CINNAMON ROLLS!

    • says

      I know, it is so important to read the packages and not just assume everything is healthy and low calorie! Some of their other chocolates and desserts are great too! My son didn’t love the Joe Joe’s but he really likes their thick cinnamon graham crackers in the clear tub!

  2. says

    I love Trader Joes! Those shoes look fun too.
    I run with my iphone so I can use a workout app, but I listen to my music separately, on a shuffle. It’s easier and then my battery lasts way longer. I only have to charge my shuffle every 4 or 5 days.