Monday Morning Science Experiment

Monday morning greets me with what seems to be the new norm for us here in New York – 20 degrees, feelin frigid with a gust of wind every few seconds. Last winter was so mild i just figured it would happen again this year. Clearly I was wrong.

Today may be a rest day. It is way too cold to run the path this morning and I do not feel like battling the dreadmill in my community gym or the elliptical for that matter. I have way too much to do this morning to get myself lost in Lifetime Fitness and plan to be there for my favorite spin class tomorrow anyway. So, I may just take the day off…unless my good friend informs me she is going to Lifetime this morning. Then of course I have to join her.

Good thing I am flexible in my routine rather than follow a strict training schedule.

What am I training for? Not so sure. But it is always good to be ready for anything.

Anyway, as we all know, I am a princess when it comes to my running shoes. The slightest wearing of the sole and I know. You can’t fool me. I know something is as I say, “not right”.

And, well, suddenly the soles of my feet by my big toes are starting to feel “not right” when I run.


It can’t be the shoe yet. It just can’t be. So it  must mean I need new socks.

Why new socks? Well I only started running in these sneakers in late November (November 18th to be exact) and I had a plan with this pair. My plan was going to make this pair last.

I always have a plan. You know this.

I did my best to alternate this pair with my old pair to keep them from burning out too quick. I have worn them only for running, not to dilly dally around the town, not for the elliptical machines with wacky mechanical arms and I have worn them very very rarely when I spin (no, I have not invested in spin shoes. Story for another day…).

So how could the soles be wearing out already?

I did some googling on this topic and came across a video that may help me.

I watched intently. I did the “twist test” it recommends, I calculate the miles I have run since November.

Not only do the sneakers not twist, they don’t even give to bend. At all. Stiff as a block of wood. I am not at 300 miles, not quite even at 3 months and I am a lightweight runner which suggests my shoes should last longer than someone bigger than me.

I studied the soles of the shoes. I even laid out my old old pair, the current pair and a new pair to compare the bottoms.



This is quite a scientific experiment if you ask me.

Sure, the soles are a little worn, as they should be. I wear them. Duh.

The results of this study do not suggest at all in any way shape or form that my shoes have seen their last days.

So, either I am terrible at science or I am clearly a sneaker princess.

With running shoes instead of a pea.

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