I Have a Plan…

It was about 19 degrees this morning. But with no wind and sun shining, I decided 19 degrees is fine for outdoor running. Well, maybe not fine but at least bearable. Maybe. As long as you have a plan that is. And a plan, I always have.

My genius plan for this morning’s long run:

Since my feet tend to feel like blocks of ice in the winter when running in temps below 40 degrees, I had the revelation that I should warm up by running a few miles inside on the dreaded mill and then venture outdoors to finish.

I prepared by wearing multiple layers including a combination of Gap Athletic and Lulu Lemon apparel complete with hat, gloves and scarf (obviously removing the hat, gloves, scarf and sweatshirt when inside).

As much as I hate the treadmill, the first 3 miles went very quickly. I could have remained inside but the sun was shining so I stopped the mill, re-bundled myself and headed out.

My feet were warm but it was a bit chilly to say the least. A few dog walkers I passed must have thought I was nuts.

They clearly didn’t know though about my “big plan”. I wanted to say, “Hey! I am warm! I already warmed up on the treadmill so haha! I am just fine, how smart am I?!”

But I didn’t. For many reasons.

Mainly because I do not stop to chit chat while I am out for my run. I barely even wave. I am in my zone. Or at least attempting to be in my zone. Which wasn’t easy to enter today given the frigid conditions I was experiencing.

So 2 miles into the outdoor run, I decided to head back inside to the mill.

I stripped down a few layers and started the belt. I thought I may finish out the last half of my long run on the mill but not even a mile in, I decided I needed to be back outdoors.

So yes, I stopped the mill at a mile, re-bundled and went back out. The people inside the gym with me were probably thinking like the dog walkers at this point. But I really don’t care. I am attempting to be in my zone, people! I have a plan and that is all that matters.

Please understand I would not normally classify my runs as ADD exercise (is that even a term?). I barely even stop for the bathroom most of the time. 19 degrees is less than ideal and one needs to be flexible in order to be successful.

This last half of my run (outside) was working for me. I really hadn’t a clue what mile I was at.

My GPS app wasn’t keeping track of the miles I did on the treadmill so I was attempting to combine the tracked miles with the treadmill miles which was totally interfering with my “zone”.

Then of course my phone completely died. No phone, no music, no tracking app, no clock.

This was not part of my plan. However, it was fine. I was feeling good and ran what I decided was another 2 miles to complete what I decided was 11 miles (but I really don’t know at all if I am correct).

I would’ve kept going but I couldn’t feel my hands and decided hands were more important to keep attached to my body than continuing to run untracked, untimed clueless miles.

Did my plan work? Well, I got my long run in for this week and that is all that matters to me.

I really do hate the treadmill with a passion but it is nice to have the option to be indoors should I need it.

As silly as it sounds, I am very thankful to have both a running trail and a treadmill within steps of my home.

Finding something to always be thankful for will always guarantee a bright side in any situation.

Remind me of this when it snows tomorrow and my path is completely covered and iced over for days.

Enjoy your Saturday. I am off to clean the house while the little boy is spending the weekend with his father.


What are you thankful for?

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    19 degrees is insane but I guess i am also guilty of running outside in that weather sometimes! If I do run outside I do the same thing as you. Warmup on the treadmill even though I HATE it) first and then immediatly go outside so my muscles are warm. I am thankful that I have the ability to run even though I take it for granted often. I complain a lot but I need ot remind myself that I have a gift that some are not as fortunate to have.