Opposite Day

Yesterday’s foggy run was fabulous. It was so awesome to be outside again instead of cooped up on the treadmill. I covered 5.5 miles in what felt like 10 minutes (good run day!)

This morning’s forecast is windy and crazy rain scheduled to end shortly. I can handle a little wind…

I titled this post Opposite Day because sometimes I do the opposite of what my head really wants to do and I end up much happier with the result. Let me explain:

Sometimes when I am running, I really want to slow down. I decide my legs are feeling heavy, perhaps I am getting tired, perhaps the soles of my feet are burning, perhaps it should be a slow run day…I can perhaps and rationalize just about anything. But, instead of slowing down, I speed up. And this my friends, always works.

Turns out, I really didn’t need to slow down. My mind thinks maybe I should, but I really didn’t need to. And, by speeding up, if even just for a quick burst, I end up with a better workout, feel great and further develop my endurance.

Mind over matter at its best.

Sure, there are days when maybe you can’t do this and shouldn’t do this. However, a majority of the time, your head is quitting before your body really needs to.

I do this in other areas of my life as well.

For example, on a cold, gray, cloudy, misty and dreary day, who the heck feels like getting dressed, doing their hair nice and putting on a full face of make up? No one in their right mind.

I could live in yoga pants. In fact, I am often guilty of “checking in” with my jeans and putting back on the yoga pants.

What does “checking in” with jeans mean? It simply means you put them on, make sure you still look fabulous and that they are still fitting the way you want.

Then you take them off and wearing what you really feel like (yoga pants).

You know you have done this too. Admit it. And if you haven’t, let me just say it works great for weight management without the use of a scale. I don’t even own a scale. Which is a whole post for another day.

So lately I made the executive decision to stop wearing the yoga pants and comfy rainy day clothes as often, especially on dreary winter days. I keep those jeans on or wear something that I normally only feel like wearing when the sun is shining or when I feel like looking fabulous.

One should look fabulous everyday. If not for  yourself, for the off chance of who you will run into. (Trust me, I had the off chance run in when I least expected it…right by the cauliflower at the grocery store).

And while I always do my hair and make up, I am guilty of ignoring the cosmetic bag filled with lip gloss unless I am going out at night (and even then I never reapply).

I am telling you – cute outfit + lipgloss = instant mood booster.

The weather may be dreary, but when you look in the mirror, you are instantly brightened.

I have read all kinds of articles about seasonal mood disorder and I never saw dressing nice and adding some lip gloss as a step to take to get through the winter months.

I might be a genius.

There are so many other ways you can do the opposite of what your mind is telling you to do in order to achieve a positive effect in your life:

  • Put on those sneakers and get moving even though your mind says stay on the couch!
  • Choose a healthy, filling snack over the chips or packaged snacks your mind is directing your hand to grab!
  • Get up early to exercise even though you want to keep hitting snooze on the alarm clock!

Do you ever do the opposite of what your mind tells you to do? If so, are you glad you did?

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