Catching Up + Forty Carrots + Fashion + The Plaza

forty carrots frozen yogurt

  The days are totally slipping away from me! Ugh. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there’s really nothing I can do about it. Some weeks I have more time to think about and write posts and some weeks, I just don’t. I feel like I said this last week too. Ah well. Just […]

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Workouts From The Week (2.4.19 – 2.10.19)


Quick story before getting to my workouts from the week! I couldn’t help but think of my high school gym teacher, Ms. Tirado, yesterday as I was doing my incline walking thing on the treadmill. Oh Ms. Tirado, if you could see me now. You see, Ms. Tirado was my gym teacher who learned the […]

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LOVE Party Details + Dior Makeup (Friday Faves)

love party balloons

  This week got away from me but I do have a few favorites to share before we get to the weekend! LOVE Party: I was lucky enough to attend the LOVE Party again this year, hosted by Marcia Selden Catering and Ron Ben-Israel. I am always happy to attend these event industry parties because […]

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Low Mileage Week + Yoga + Friendly’s!

friendly's Reeses pieces sundae

A few things to note before getting to my workouts! This was a major low mileage week. It was way too cold for me to run outdoors aside from yesterday and the treadmill really wasn’t working for me beyond one 30 minute run. When I say the treadmill wasn’t working for me, I mean it […]

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