End of July Summer Favorites

Stoney Clover woven collection

Can someone explain how we are at the end of July already? Like literally, we blink and I’m waking up to later and later sunrises. My son will begin college in a month? Shoot, I’m not ready to discuss that. Instead, let’s discuss some of my summer favorites. 🙂 My Favorite Sunscreen Trio  I’m so […]

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Recent Meals + Cold Stone + DIY Iced Passion Tea

cold stone

I am so happy to have a functioning keyboard on a laptop right now! You don’t realize how important each and every letter on a keyboard is until one of them stops working. I’m successfully set up on my new Mac (which was not easy but I won’t get into it) and ready to talk […]

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Sentence Per Picture – Recent Meals


  I took a bite of my whole wheat margarita pizza before taking the picture. This was a nice big vegetarian salad bowl from Maoz while shopping at the mall. Another big, beautiful veggie-loaded salad at the beach with fresh guacamole as my salad dressing. I told you that I don’t cut my own watermelon […]

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Workouts From Last Week


I haven’t much to say about last week’s workouts! 4 Runs 1 Morning Walk 5 Melissa Wood Health Workouts – LOVE HER! Monday – 45 Min Run/10 Min Booty (using bodyweight) I knew the humidity had to be high when my sunglasses fogged the second I stepped outdoors. 96% humidity this morning. No big deal […]

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