Trader Joes + Whole Foods (a few recent meals)


The lines at Trader Joe’s over the weekend were beyond what I would consider normal weekend long lines. It was as if there was a blizzard coming and I wasn’t told about it. It did lightly snow yesterday and is snowing again this morning (for the first time really all winter) but shouldn’t be more […]

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Lifetime In Boca + Finally Tried A Run Class!


I have two important things to discuss before listing my workouts from last week! Lifetime in Boca While in Florida last week, I went to Lifetime in Boca Raton. I was last there 10 years ago! At the time, I was a Lifetime member here in New York. Now, as an Equinox member, it was […]

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Hi From Florida (weekly workout recap)


Hi from Florida! I’m getting back into a routine of flying down to the Boca/Palm Beach area every few months it seems — I used to do this in high school and college so it feels really nice to be doing it again! Especially this time of year. To get off the plane and sit […]

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Done With Chopt Salads + Other Recent Meals


This is likely the last Chopt salad you will see from me, at least for the time being. Literally, a day or two after I had the above salad, Chopt changed their menu (and raised prices!) so now they don’t carry the ingredients I routinely order and if I alter the salad to include the […]

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