Friday Favorites: Pizza + Fall Fashion + Sale Alerts


  Well this week totally flew by so fast, didn’t it? I mean, Monday feels forever ago but at the same time, it’s Friday just like that. I definitely have a few favorites to report for this week so let’s get started. I’m back on my pizza kick. I don’t think I had pizza for […]

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My Former Whole Foods Food Bar Box

Whole Foods

  So this is rather interesting and worth discussing. When we arrived in Albany on Saturday (we were up there for a Bar Mitzvah), we went straight to Whole Foods for a quick bite to eat. The old me loved the Whole Foods food bar. While I really don’t eat at Whole Foods anymore, my […]

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Bar Mitzvah + Workouts From The Week

Bailey 44 dress

Happy Monday! I’m sharing my workouts from the week today instead of yesterday because I was upstate real quick over the weekend to attend a Bar Mitzvah. Worth noting is that today is the two-year anniversary since my son’s Bar Mitzvah, how crazy is that? I’m also here to say that I’m glad I bought this […]

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Friday Fashion Favorites

Friday Favorites

  All week I’ve been meaning to put together a collection of fashion links that I’ve been shopping/browsing. I only got half way through but I think what I have so far is worth sharing anyway! I’m sort of all over the place when it comes to the clothes and shoes that I’m looking for […]

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