Friday Favorites! June 15, 2018

vegan Cobb salad

Happy Friday! The week has been one busy blur over here so the fact that the weekend is here makes me really happy. I put together a few Friday Favorites to share today, let’s take a look! First, here’s another photo from the New York luncheon I attended/worked on Tuesday. I very quickly browsed through […]

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Yesterday’s City Luncheon

AllSeated luncheon

  Is it just me or does my blogging routine feel off to you too? I say it every year around this time but this year especially just feels so busy and upside down! Between my birthday, the end of the school year, getting things ready for my son to leave for his teen tour […]

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A Few Weekend Highlights

subway series

  A few weekend highlights to share today! First, if you missed my workout recap from yesterday, here’s the link! I wrote a bit about running less even though I was eating much more than usual last week during my weeklong 40th birthday celebration. So hi! It’s Monday! The weekend flew by so fast but […]

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