A Few Things On My Mind!

whole wheat margarita pizza

1 – My son leaves for his teen tour next week!! Packing him up for his teen tour isn’t quite as complicated as packing for sleep away camp but it’s still a packing challenge, even if I’m not hoarding 20 pairs of everything! There’s a large inventory going on over here and I’m not even […]

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Recent Meals + Tried Greek Cove

greek cove

I have a few recent meals to share today! In no particular order, let’s jump right in… I worked from Panera on Monday so that I could really focus. It’s not so much that I really felt like working from Panera on Monday, it was more because my son finished his last final in the […]

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Friday Favorites! June 15, 2018

vegan Cobb salad

Happy Friday! The week has been one busy blur over here so the fact that the weekend is here makes me really happy. I put together a few Friday Favorites to share today, let’s take a look! First, here’s another photo from the New York luncheon I attended/worked on Tuesday. I very quickly browsed through […]

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