What I bought recently at Trader Joe’s + Whole Foods

trader joes

So last week, I pulled into the Trader Joe’s parking lot to learn the power was out and the store was closed. Well, that was inconvenient. I prefer to do my food shopping at Trader Joe’s. I get very thrown off my food shopping game when I have to go to another store. Lately, I […]

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Colder Weather Workout Apparel Picks + Weekly Workout Recap


  I have started to review my colder weather workout apparel to ensure I’m prepared for the season ahead. The weather is still comfortable for running outdoors here in New York. While the morning temperature varies a bit, it’s still been in the 50’s and 60’s which doesn’t really require a major switch in workout apparel just […]

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Food Highlights from My Son’s Birthday Weekend

margarita pizza

  I’ve got a nice round-up of meals to share today from my son’s birthday weekend! I love that my son’s birthday falls right around the start of the hockey season. It’s just so fitting for me to have had a baby born this time of year. I don’t even know if I fully realized […]

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