Friday Favorites From The Week

vegetable pizza

This week totally got away from me but hey, it’s now Friday and time for some favorites! Yom Kippur begins Sunday at sundown and although most don’t look forward to the holiest day of the Jewish year because of the fasting part, I think about this holiday with fondness as my son was born on […]

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Weekly Workout Recap

walking path

Some notes from last week’s workouts: Even if I established summer as my favorite running season, there’s no denying the thrill of running in the suddenly cooler morning temperatures. It’s glorious and refreshing. With the transition to fall comes my ability to take walks during the day. It had been so hot that I would […]

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Look To The Cookie + Recent Meals + Edwards in Tribeca

black and white cookies

Okay so first, I was SO HAPPY to see this picture on Instagram of a packed night at Edwards in Tribeca last Friday (including the beams of light too). I was at Edward’s for take out (and had these french fries) back in March during the height of the pandemic. I took the below picture in […]

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