Lighter Week of Workouts (weekly workout recap)

fall running

It’s not like I have such strenuous workout weeks these days but last week was a bit lighter in intensity than usual. Two runs, walking, and yoga/pilates mostly using own body weight rather than adding 1 lb weights. Quick recap below! Monday – 38 Min Yoga/Pilates Flow  Tuesday – 45 Min Walk It was the […]

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Pizza in the City

rosas pizza

  Today is just a quick post featuring pizza. A lot of pizza. I was in the city both Monday and Tuesday to work from the office for a change. The city is slowly getting back to what I would call normal so it’s nice to be there again! Especially this week – the weather […]

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Must Be Fall (weekly workout recap)


The sun is rising later and the leaves are on the ground — it must really be Fall! I’m not opposed to this time of year (in fact, it used to be my favorite season before summer moved to the top spot) but I do struggle a bit more with instant energy levels first thing […]

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