Workout Updates: Joining The Gym? + lululemon Finds


I have some workout updates for today! Last Week’s Workouts Last week was the second (or third?) week in a row that I didn’t write my daily workouts down to share them in detail on the blog. It definitely feels weird but nice at the same time! Sometimes we just need a change to routine, […]

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Not A Weekly Workout Recap Post


Last week was the first time in oh, nine years, that I didn’t keep track of my workouts in order to write a blog post. I’m such a routine person that it’s actually weird for me to say that I’m tired of the routine of sharing my workouts each week. We all know my workouts […]

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Back From Florida + What I Ate Highlights


I’m home from my trip to Florida but needed a few days to adjust back into my routine! I was in South Florida from Boca to Ft. Lauderdale to Miami to Palm Beach — It was so fun to hang with my best friend Heather and go to the beach almost every day along with […]

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Last Week’s Workouts + Vacation Week!


On Friday I mentioned being excited about a summer weekend with a run at the beach. Well, the weather was definitely “summer” in that the forecast went from sunny to random downpours both Saturday and Sunday. At the last minute Saturday morning, I decided to run by the house instead of the beach because the […]

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