e.l.f. Skincare Review

elf cosmetics skincare review

    I’m excited to share my e.l.f. skincare review with you today! As you know, I’m more than willing to spend top dollar on quality skincare. Taking care of my skin is a major priority for me (and should be for you, too). If you will invest in the type of food you put […]

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I Tried Doughology Donuts

doughology devil dog donut

  Where did the weekend go?! I’m not even asking this to make small talk. I don’t do small talk. I’m also not the type to gush about being so busy blah blah blah. Nah. I’m not one of the bloggers people. The weekend just went really fast between schlepping my son around, shopping, cleaning out […]

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Weekly Workout Recap (4.16.18 – 4.22.18)

Jumping right in to my weekly workout recap details! Monday – 4 Miles (intervals)/In The Gym I really liked today’s workout in the gym! Here’s what I did: 1 mile treadmill free weights – upper body 3 miles treadmill: I ran random speed intervals, finishing EXACTLY at 24 minutes. squats, lunges, things like that Once […]

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Friday Favorites! (April 20, 2018)

Aqua Hearts rain jacket

  Before getting to this week’s Friday Favorites, I needed to follow-up yesterday’s post with a little more information. After speaking to Heather to recap AGAIN that she was in the hotel gym with the Kardashians, she mentioned that the Indiana Pacers were in the hotel gym too. (She’s not a sports fan so that […]

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This Week’s Excitement: Kardashians In The Hotel Gym


  I COULD NOT WAIT to tell this story. As you know, last week I admitted to being busy searching hashtags on Khloe and Tristan because I needed to know what was going on with their situation. And then right after that, we (you like how I say we?) got the news that Khloe had the baby. […]

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