Barbie Pink + What’s On Sale + Sunscreen!

Stoney Clover tropical

I giggled a bit when I realized I’m about to buy myself a bead drawer jewelry kit. Although, making bead bracelets is likely more understandable at my age (hi, about to be 42) than playing with Barbies. Don’t kid yourself into thinking I didn’t browse the Barbies on the Target website. I would totally sit on […]

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Weekly Workout Recap + Scenic Walks

wantagh park

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend. The weather hasn’t been so great but it only rained on Saturday so that’s a plus. I’m going to jump right into a quick recap of my workouts from last week which includes afternoon scenic walks, and of course, a Pure Barre GO update! Monday – […]

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Montauk For Pizza + Blueberry Pie + Craving For French Fries

blueberry pie

  With the weather getting warmer and so much more pleasant, our time outside is critical. The sunshine and fresh air are everything right now. It’s always exciting as the weather switches over to more like summertime but now? It’s an even bigger deal. With nothing open and very little normalcy to routine, being outside […]

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