Not In The Mood (weekly workout recap)

Melissa wood health

Last week was one of the weeks when I just don’t feel like running. I’m sure it had everything to do with the bitter cold winter weather although I guess it really doesn’t matter the reason — what’s important is that I don’t force myself to run more than I actually feel like running. I’ve […]

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Friday Favorites (Hair/Beauty/Fashion)

nye snow globe heels

I’ve got a whole bunch of random favorites from the last little while so jumping right into discussing them today! I bought this Youth The The People Hydrate & Glow Dream Mask with Vitamin C. You leave it on like a moisturizer at night after the rest of your skincare. It’s so nice and thick […]

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A Story On Measuring Food (plus recent meals)

stir fry

  I have a few recent meals to share with you today. But first, a story. I don’t discuss it every week but I think you already know that I like to eat chocolate chips. And while I’m still devastated that Trader Joe’s changed the recipe for their semi-sweet chocolate chips (even if they say […]

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Finally Tried Plant Wise (plus other recent meals)

plantwise eatery

I finally tried Plant Wise Eatery and of course, now I’m obsessed. Plant Wise is not far from my house but closer to where I used to live and not really in the direction I head most of the time. However, I will now make it more of a destination area because I can’t get enough of […]

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