5 basic tips for running your next half marathon

  I received an email from a reader last week asking me for a few basic tips for running a half marathon. It's not an easy question to answer, especially by email because you have to choose your words carefully so that you make sense and don't ramble. In order to answer her question, I decided to [...]

Cheesecake Factory Salad

  Happy Monday. :)  I have 5 highlights from the week to share today! AllSeated's blog was listed in the Top 100 Event Planning Blogs last week! As you may already know, I handle all sorts of content and social media for AllSeated. AllSeated's blog, which is one of my main responsibilities, is my baby. I take their blog [...]

workout recap

  It feels a little bit weird to know that today is the Long Island Half Marathon and I won't be running it. The weather is looking good for the runners though! It's not raining and it's not hot. I can only hope that I get the same type of weather for the 10 mile [...]


  This week involves more New York State testing which means my son goes into school late since we opt out of taking the exams. Again, why couldn't tests be optional when I was a kid? The later mornings mean extra sleep, more time to devote to running and Pure Barre AND out for breakfast. [...]


  I have a bunch of recent eats to share with you today! First, I made a KILLER salad on Monday. My friend Dina and I worked together which we really try to do every Monday but hadn't in a while so it was really nice again for a change. I always make us lunch and we think [...]

What's In My Trader Joe's Shopping Cart

  It's been a while since I shared a What's In My Trader Joe's Shopping Cart type of post! Lately I rush myself to and from Trader Joe's in order to move on with my day. I do not have the time (or really, the patience) to arrange everything I bought for a picture display. Sometimes I tell myself to do it and [...]