blueberry walnut whole wheat pancakes

    The problem I have lately when I go away is that I'm never ready to come back. I get so thrown for a loop that it takes me a few days to feel back to normal and ready again for regular routine. This is what happened to me when I went to Chicago in March too. Anyway. No one [...]


  That's right, I left my running shoes home. I am not one of those people who pack their running shoes for every vacation. Sometimes I do, and sometimes, like for this week's quick trip out east to the wineries and then Foxwoods, I left my running shoes home. It's completely not necessary to run or workout on [...]

6 healthy recipes using oatmeal

  It's all about round-up posts this week! I really like to review old posts in order to see what I've written over the last 4 years. Actually it's more like 4 and a half years now! Although I really don't create and share recipes anymore, it's still important for me to bring my favorite recipes to [...]

running round up

  Every six months or so I round up the latest running-related posts I've written for a few reasons. First, going back to see what I've written helps me to determine what I haven't talked about in while, what I've already covered and what is still needed to be shared. Second, it's possible someone missed a [...]

long beach boardwalk

  Hi! I have a quick 5 weekend things worth sharing on this summer Monday morning! #1  - I was in Target Saturday morning when a man approached me in the shampoo aisle to ask if I would like to have lunch with him. Um, NO THANK YOU. Did he think I was going to say, Oh yes! [...]

workout recap running pure barre

  It feels a little bit weird to share my workout recap today since I didn't run long yesterday. But it was raining! The super heavy torrential flooding kind of raining! A misty rain I can handle, flooding downpours I cannot do. My plan is to run long today but probably not more than 10 miles. [...]