The Best Of Summer 2017


    As much as I am ready for my son to go back to school, I am not ready for summer to end. This was my summer of freedom and definitely my most favorite summer in recent memory. Even with hockey season approaching (insert emoji heart here), I’m just not ready for my summer [...]

mercury retrograde

    Suzy had the baby! I am so super excited for her, her little boy is just perfect. :) I’ve tried really hard to pretend that Mercury Retrograde wasn’t going to affect me this time around. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about this Mercury Retrograde thing or that it super affects us Gemini’s. [...]

red mango parfait

    I’ve got some recent eats and go-to meals to share today! Chopt for lunch! I know it doesn’t look like much but I do love this salad. Lately my go-to combination is romaine, spinach, quinoa, avocado, spicy peppers, charred onions, hearts of palm and spicy tahini dressing (on the side). There’s something about [...]

Random Facts About Me


I love a good survey post! I came across this 25 Random Facts About Me Survey when reading Sara’s blog the other day so I copied a bunch of the questions and answered them today. So here we go! Random Facts About Me! Do you make your bed? I absolutely make my bed every morning.  Making [...]

workout recap running pure barre

    In last Sunday’s workout recap, I mentioned that I was going to run a few easy miles after publishing that post. I don’t normally run Sunday mornings so when I do, I am never really sure how that run will affect the rest of the upcoming week in workouts. I was a little [...]

linda's fudge cake

  I wished a few people a Happy Friday YESTERDAY when it was only Thursday. Finally, I can say Happy Friday and be accurate. I’ve got a few GapFit favorites to share with you today as well as a few other things I am loving right now! Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti Coffee I used to brew [...]