baked oatmeal

  The Dunkin Donuts people need to ask me my hockey team preference before pouring my coffee. This is serious business around here and I am starting to get real annoyed. The best baked oatmeal is definitely served at the Premier Diner. I love a good brunch. These crispy rice tuna things are always my [...]

market bistro

  I say this so often but my hormones really affect my  ability to run with ease. The changing hormone levels at various points in my cycle always seem to irritate my lower legs and feet when I run. It's a topic currently at the top of my To-Google list but from what I understand, it's something [...]

fashion finds

  I was due for another fashion finds post! Unfortunately my run with finding great buys at the Gap has ended for now as I haven't seen anything worth buying lately but I did find a few other things at other stores worth sharing! I am including Dior makeup and skin care in this post too. :) I am [...]

bar mitzvah

  The mornings have been extra nice this week. My son doesn't have to be at school until 10:00 am because we opt out of the New York State tests that are being given this week. This means I get to sleep later and RUN LATER. I don't like to run too late but I also [...]

shrimp stir fry

Taking a look at what I ate on Monday! Here's a peak inside my post-run oats in a jar plus side of coffee. I always miss the picture of my pre-run small bowl of oatmeal but at least I remember the post-run meal! We really don't address post-run meals often enough. Eating within 30-60 minutes after your run is crucial [...]

Scenes From The Weekend

vegetarian chef salads

  I remembered everything I needed at Trader Joe's in one shop this time! Food shopping more than once in a week is not what I like to do these days so I was happy to grab everything I needed all at once. My friend Dina's birthday was on Friday so we celebrated with a [...]