dunkin donuts cup

My computer's keyboard has decided that it doesn't feel like typing the letter "h" anymore. Even though it just did in that last sentence, it's a struggle lately to get the letter H typed down sometimes and it's really annoying me! Does anyone else have this issue with their keyboard where it suddenly stops typing certain letters? [...]

pizza and salad

  I feel like I haven't done a What I Ate Wednesday post in a while! The usual early morning ugly oatmeal with blueberries going on here. This is the after my run bowl. The before my run bowl of oatmeal had banana instead of blueberries. I am still mixing PB2 into my oatmeal (after [...]

Catching Up After Chicago

gino's east pizza

I am dreaming of this big mug of coffee that I had in Chicago like you can't imagine. Oh, right. I should probably mention to those of you who didn't already see on Instagram that I was in fact in Chicago over the weekend. Even though there is only a one hour time difference between New York [...]

Links I am Loving!

  Earlier this week I went to the Gap to find the GapFit barre top that I shared in last week's Fashion Finds post but they didn't have my size. I went to three Gap stores actually in one day looking for it! I know I know, I should just order online but I don't actually like to shop online [...]

yogi tea

You may have noticed that I was finally able to reset my Instagram password! Trust me when I say I will NEVER forget my Instagram password after all of this, that is for sure. My goodness, the process of being allowed to reset my Instagram password reminded me of trying to gain access to a secret [...]

Recent Eats

peanut butter toast

  I don't have a traditional What I Ate Wednesday post today but I do have a collection of recent eats from lunch, dinner and dessert to share! All I want for the last several days is peanut butter toast! I love it really simple, just toasted cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with peanut butter and banana. Sometimes [...]