chocolate chip cookies gluten and dairy free

    I’m still working from my son’s MacBook since last week when I spilled tea on my keyboard. The Apple guy who took my MacBook in for the repair had told me I would have my laptop back at the latest this past Tuesday, but I still don’t have it! Yeah. I won’t complain [...]

japanese sweet potatoes dinner

  Let’s take a look at Monday’s Meals for today’s What I Ate Wednesday! Monday was a busy work day AND my son talked me into going to the Islanders game at night. The Vegas Golden Knights would be in town for the first time in their history and he didn’t want to miss it. [...]

pre-race breakfast

  I ran the Commack Coalition of Caring 5K race on Saturday. This was my first 5K race in over three years and only my third (or maybe fourth) 5K race ever! The 5K race distance was NEVER my thing. Lately however, I’ve had a change of heart. The idea of running shorter distance races [...]

Week In Workouts Plus 5K!


  You may have seen on Instagram that I ran a local 5K race yesterday morning! I will have a full recap on the blog tomorrow but in the meantime, let’s look at the rest of the week in workouts. I would have actually liked to run more than I did but some weeks are just [...]


    Oh, hi. Should we talk quickly about my day yesterday? About how I SPILLED MY CUP OF TEA ACROSS MY MACBOOK’S KEYBOARD? Uh huh. I can’t even believe I did that and at the same time, accidents happen right? It could always be so much worse which is what I reminded myself as [...]

chocolate caramel apples

    I caught an episode of Oprah’s Life Class the other night which made me realize once again that Oprah is the best. Every weekday afternoon at 4:00 PM I still think of her and miss watching her show as I did for so many years after school and even as an adult. On [...]