walburgers onion strings

  This weekend felt like a really quick one. My son had two hockey games, one Friday night and one early in the morning on Sunday. I packed in a lot of errands, shopping, and eating in between! Friday night well before his game we stopped for dinner at Walburger’s. You may recall (but probably [...]

10 miles

  This week was a much lighter week in workouts than usual. Between Monday’s run when I was low on energy followed by fighting off a cold for a few days out of nowhere, running and Pure Barre were kept to a minimum. Although I am not the type of person who is susceptible to [...]

I love snow days

How is it Friday already? Not that I am not complaining at all, I just wondered where the week went. I guess my days all began to blur together after dealing with my Pinterest account being hacked, changing every password on every online account I have in fear of a repeat followed by fighting off [...]

ugg slippers

  My week did not start out on the best note aside from the lack of energy I experienced while running from eating too little carbs. I woke up early Monday morning to learn my Pinterest account had been hacked! While Pinterest isn’t a HUGE deal and it wasn’t my blog or my bank account, [...]

quinoa salad

    So I have something BIG to discuss regarding food today. While today’s post mostly shows what I ate on Monday, the real story stems from Sunday night. I ate CHICKEN. Rotisserie chicken. Organic rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods. By choice. Because I woke up Sunday morning and decided I was going to buy [...]

Holiday Gift Guide For Her!

holiday gift guide for her

  I was so excited to put together this holiday gift guide FOR HER! Or for you. Let’s be real, you deserve a gift too. All of the gifts I selected for today’s gift guide are either items on my personal holiday wish list or items I already own and love. It can be really challenging [...]