adidas energy boosts

  This was not exactly an ideal half marathon training week. I had a few things working against me such as my period, the time change and my son's hockey schedule, which definitely made things challenging. Notice I don't even blame the blizzard! It's not that I missed a workout, no, it's that I needed [...]

Friday Favorites

  I have a couple of my current Friday Favorites for you today to cap off this week! I have pushed the Dior Lip Glow on you several times in the past but now I got the newest shade (berry!) and just insist you pick it up too. Dior Lip Glow is a lip balm [...]

chocolate cake

1) I had the most giant slice of chocolate cake for dessert the other night. Seriously, I think it's the biggest slice of chocolate cake ever in my 38 years on this planet. Have you ever seen a slice of chocolate cake this big? Do you know how I live for giant slices of cake? We [...]

oatmeal in a jar

I burned a pot of oatmeal yesterday. Please don't ask me how I managed to burn the oatmeal. I was sitting in the kitchen the entire time the oatmeal was cooking on the stove! I guess that I didn't pay attention to my ratio of oats to water, not that I ever really do.  All I know is that [...]

silician pizza

  Last week was just one of those weeks. You know, one of those weeks where it feels like just about everything is going wrong for days on end? When one of those weeks happen, you need a balanced attitude and positive mood for properly dealing with life and although those are my finer qualities 99.9% of the time, [...]

water fountains

So technically this week was my first week of training for the Long Island half marathon. If I am being completely honest with myself and with you, I don't really know that I 100% feel like training to run a half marathon. I keep going back and forth on the subject. It's not that I don't [...]