Currently (July 2017)


  Have I ever shared a Currently type of post? I don't even know, all I know is that I currently feel over the place so maybe talking about some of the things I am currently doing will help my brain to get organized for the week. All of MY SHOWS are on right now! [...]

workout recap running pure barre

  In my head, my workout week runs from Monday through Sunday. For this reason, I post my weekly workout recap on Sunday mornings, at the end of my week. My normal day off from running usually falls on a Sunday so this type of weekly workout recap posting schedule has always worked for me [...]

beach day

  Does everyone out there realize that once you view an Instagram story, the person whose story you viewed can see you viewed it? It's pretty entertaining for me lately to see who is viewing my stories. Like, hi! Thanks for checking up on me! Yes, I'm alive and well and at the beach today [...]

post run oatmeal

  If last week's trip to Foxwood's followed by the extra long holiday weekend didn't throw me for a loop, switching from a PC to a MacBook Air sure did! Please bear with me as I try to become an Apple computer person. I am SLOWLY getting the hang of things but certain aspects of my [...]

blueberry walnut whole wheat pancakes

    The problem I have lately when I go away is that I'm never ready to come back. I get so thrown for a loop that it takes me a few days to feel back to normal and ready again for regular routine. This is what happened to me when I went to Chicago in March too. Anyway. No one [...]


  That's right, I left my running shoes home. I am not one of those people who pack their running shoes for every vacation. Sometimes I do, and sometimes, like for this week's quick trip out east to the wineries and then Foxwoods, I left my running shoes home. It's completely not necessary to run or workout on [...]