Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet

  Sometimes I really need an escape to Florida to see Heather (and Danielle too) and this week was one of those weeks. I wish life was so simple, like it was when I was in college, back when I could crave a trip and book my flight for the next day! Things just don't work that [...]

Autumn Oatmeal made with roasted cinnamon apples and raisins

  Is it Friday yet? Am I becoming that person who asks things like is it Friday yet even when I know it's only Wednesday and now reminded everyone else that it's only Wednesday? Didn't I used to be the glass half full person who would realize that it's ALREADY Wednesday rather than say it's ONLY Wednesday?! Please ignore [...]

baked oatmeal from Maureen's Kitchen

    Another Mother's Day breakfast tradition in the books! You may have already seen a sneak peek of our breakfast at Maureen's Kitchen yesterday on Instagram. My son chose Maureen's Kitchen for the third year in a row. We have learned that you must get there when they open to avoid the lines. So at 7:00 am, we [...]

pure barre

Happy Mother's Day! We are off for our special Mother's Day breakfast tradition this morning but I wanted to stop in with my workouts from the week first. This was a good week in workouts although you will notice I ran a little less than normal. While I did have my period early on this week (which is why [...]

Maureen's Kitchen Pancakes

    Mother's Day is Sunday and it has basically become my favorite day of the year. In case you didn't already know from previous years here on the blog, my son and I have a very special Mother's Day breakfast tradition. We started our early morning breakfast tradition back in 2010 which was the first [...]

greek salad

  I thought yesterday was Wednesday which would have made today Thursday but today is actually Wednesday which means yesterday was only Tuesday. Explain to me how people wake up and don't eat breakfast. I will never relate or understand. Not hungry in the morning? You forgot to eat? Not interested in breakfast foods? You don't have time [...]