roasted vegetables and potatoes

  It's been a nice week so far with my son off from school for Passover and Spring Break. No early morning wake ups or rushing out the door needed! Although, the weather has been PERFECT so running in the morning has been a pleasure. I ran in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday! Anyway, I [...]

race outfit

    I figured I would pop in today with my final decision about running the Long Island half marathon May 7. In a workout recap post recently, I mentioned that I didn't think I would be running Long Island half marathon for the first time in years. Although, at the time of that post, I still wasn't sure. My period [...]


  Please don't talk to me about the Islanders missing the playoffs. It literally came down to the last few games of the season which is exciting but not because it torments my nerves like nothing else can. They didn't make it and I am all bent out of shape about it. It will take [...]

workout recap

  This week was a little bit different than my typical running routine. It rained pretty heavily Tuesday and Thursday which are my usual longer/harder run days.   I did my best to get some good runs in outdoors when I could because right now, just the thought of the treadmill makes me want to throw up. Yes. [...]

Links I Am Loving

Links I am Loving!

  I can't remember the last time I missed a Thinking Out Loud post but it happened yesterday. It wasn't totally intended. I've been having small issues with my site every afternoon which combined with trying to keep up with my massive writing workload for work kept me from posting. I reach a point in the day [...]

Dessert For Dinner (WIAW)

salad from east bay diner

  For this week's What I Ate Wednesday, let's talk about what I ate on Sunday. I didn't really have dinner. Well, I sort of had dinner but not the usual type of dinner. It was more like dessert. Dessert for dinner. Let's discuss. Please forgive me for missing a picture of my breakfast. I promise it [...]