Weekly Workouts

workout recap

  This week was a bit of a blur but I do know that all of my workouts were decent! I was able to run outside every day and the early sunrises are making my running life that much more enjoyable. My legs were a little tired and heavy so at the 3 mile mark I [...]

chocolate cake

  Even if I realized that I won't be running the Long Island half next month, last week was a super great week in running! The early morning sunshine combined with the Passover/Spring break helped me to run my old distances again. I had the time to run each morning without feeling pressured to get the day [...]

workout recap

  This week was a little bit different than my typical running routine. It rained pretty heavily Tuesday and Thursday which are my usual longer/harder run days.   I did my best to get some good runs in outdoors when I could because right now, just the thought of the treadmill makes me want to throw up. Yes. [...]

market bistro

  I say this so often but my hormones really affect my  ability to run with ease. The changing hormone levels at various points in my cycle always seem to irritate my lower legs and feet when I run. It's a topic currently at the top of my To-Google list but from what I understand, it's something [...]

workout recap

  I am not totally sure that I am going to be able to run the Long Island Half Marathon. For starters, my parents have a wedding the night before the race. While this may sound unrelated to the race, it's totally related! I like to have my son sleep at their house the night before a [...]