Weekly Workouts


  As I put together this week's workout recap, I am not really sure where to begin. Even though I update each day's workout as they happen in order for this post to be accurate, I think this week needs some additional explaining. Let's see. First, I ended up running 5 miles last SUNDAY which is [...]

An Up & Down Week in Workouts

Pure Barre Tone in 10

  This week was such an up and down week in workouts! One day was great, the next day was just BLEH. Once I noticed the pattern though, I knew what to expect and just went with however I was feeling which translated into running a little bit less on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I [...]

GapFit Chat & Workout Recap

runkeeper splits

    So before getting to my workouts from the week, I just want to quickly chat again about GapFit stuff! I am still LOVING the GapFit gFast winterbrushed leggings, they are so PERFECT for winter running. These pants are just so soft and comfortable and still do not slide down at the waist which is the most important thing, right?! [...]

blueberry walnut whole wheat pancakes

  Happy first post of 2017! I hope that you had a great holiday weekend and that I am not confusing us again by sharing my workouts on a Monday instead of Sunday. Gosh, I am so ready for normal life to resume after all of the holiday season shenanigans. I am also ready to fully return [...]

Disney Week Workouts

hotel gym

  Between being on vacation in Disney World, Hanukkah and Christmas falling over the weekend and me posting my workouts from the week today instead of yesterday, I am so very confused as to what today really is! I think it's Monday. So, hi. I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. Let's take a [...]