Weekly Workouts

pure barre on demand thighs and seat

  Brief workout recap for today! It was a bit of a PMS week which left me feeling a little off at times in the morning. Sometimes PMS does nothing to affect me but this time, I had that sweaty/hot feeling while drinking my coffee and felt overheated before I even left the house. When [...]


    My best friend Heather is running her first ever 5K race today! She has taken up an interest in running as of late so this is very exciting. Heather is a regular at Orange Theory but decided recently that she would like to be able to run a few miles without stopping to [...]


  A few things to note before getting to my runs and Pure Barre workouts from the week! 1 – So I’m doing really well both mentally and physically with the shorter distance/stronger effort runs. I feel excited and inspired every morning which is the complete opposite to how I was feeling there for quite [...]

pure barre on demand

  What a happy week of running I had this week! In Thursday’s post, I went into detail about what felt like a mental burnout brewing from running longer distances and how I was planning to go about dealing with it. My brain and body responded instantly to the change in approach to my daily [...]

30 minute pure barre workout

  As I mentioned in Friday’s Favorites post, my son’s new school schedule allows me the time to sleep and run later in the morning.The only issue is, I like to walk out the door at the same time he leaves for the bus stop. This is an issue because he doesn’t want to see me [...]