Weekly Workouts

pure barre on demand seat workout

  My month of training with Laura ended last weekend. With my brain acting completely noncommittal to signing up for a fall half marathon, right now I am just winging my workouts until I can maybe make a decision over here. Until then, I am just going by feel with my mileage, workouts and Pure [...]

Summer Training Week #4

pure barre

  Like the rest of the summer, the last four weeks of training with Laura have flown by! This was already week #4 and I really can’t believe how fast it went. I so enjoy having her plan my workouts and mileage for the week. I haven’t exactly decided beyond this week if I will [...]

workout recap running pure barre

  I can’t believe that my third week of training with Laura is now complete. The miles are flying by and I am LOVING every single workout she throws in my direction. This week definitely involved more challenging workouts. I had a tempo run, treadmill hill workout and a last-minute progression run on the treadmill added [...]

Summer Training Week #2

workout recap running pure barre

  This was my second week following a summer training plan created by Laura. I am really enjoying the workouts she schedules for me and definitely appreciate the varying mileage throughout the week. It’s funny how mixing up of how many miles you run on certain days can make such a rejuvenating difference in a [...]

workout recap running pure barre

  This was my the first week of my summer training with Laura. I’m not training for a race just yet, she’s just giving me a month of workouts that mix up my mileage and rejuvenate my routine in preparation for maybe a Fall half marathon. I believe I ran 41 miles and I never [...]