Weekly Workouts


  A few things to note before getting to my workouts from the week! Winter has arrived. All of a sudden, we have had three snowfalls in one week. While the storms were not monumental, they were cold, icy and annoying for an outdoor runner. So far I am not overly bothered with adjusting my [...]


      I start to feel a little bit thrown off when I don’t share my workout recaps on Sunday’s but we were in Boston over the weekend and I didn’t bring my laptop. So, hi! How are you? We had a GREAT time in Boston over the weekend and I am going to [...]

10 miles

  This week was a much lighter week in workouts than usual. Between Monday’s run when I was low on energy followed by fighting off a cold for a few days out of nowhere, running and Pure Barre were kept to a minimum. Although I am not the type of person who is susceptible to [...]

crispy rice tuna

  Oh boy. Long holiday weekends make Monday that much harder. And I am not even going think about the fact that my son has a late evening hockey game tonight. Nope. Not thinking about it until tonight when I am looking to go to sleep and have to head out to his game.  So [...]

workout recap running pure barre

  A few things to note before getting to a quick recap of my workouts from the week! 1 – Just last week I had Laura explain shorter warm ups and why lately I didn’t need my usual 2 miles to loosen up in a workout. Well, with the sudden colder air, I am back to [...]