Weekly Workouts

workout recap running pure barre

  It feels a little bit weird to share my workout recap today since I didn't run long yesterday. But it was raining! The super heavy torrential flooding kind of raining! A misty rain I can handle, flooding downpours I cannot do. My plan is to run long today but probably not more than 10 miles. [...]

workout recap

  Just a few things worth mentioning before getting to my running & Pure Barre workout recap: 1 - I am suddenly feeling much stronger when holding planks. I don't know when or what happened but all of a sudden, I can hold my planks during Pure Barre with more strength than ever before! Of course I still [...]

some mornings are rough

  I feel like my week in workouts was all over the place. Or maybe they weren't all over the place, I just personally feel all over the place this time of the year. I don't feel as though I have much structure or plan to my workouts right now although I do think that's perfectly okay. In fact, as all over [...]

at home pure barre workouts

  This week in workouts was a good mix of recovering from last Sunday's 10 mile race and Pure Barre. As I mentioned in recent posts, I was selected to be a Pure Barre Beta Tester for the at-home Pure Barre online workouts and I COULD NOT WAIT to get started. It's been a fun week of starting [...]


  Race day! I took it easy this week by following my taper week plan from last year's Long Island half marathon. With extremely limited Pure Barre, only one real workout and the rest of the miles easy, I feel rested and ready to run today. It's a shame that this week fell at the same [...]