workout recap 10/19 – 10/25


First and foremost, a very Happy Birthday to our favorite Paleo Running Momma, Michele.

I saw the front of this birthday card and thought of her immediately ūüėČ

paleo birthday card

Looking back over my workouts from this week, I noticed a few things:

*While the cooler temperatures are amazing for running and certainly help me to move faster with less effort, I have to watch my pace during easy runs/recovery runs. I have been running them too fast which then affects the rest of my workouts.

*Just because long runs are a really routine thing for me, doesn’t mean I can eat whatever I want the day before, ignoring the need for energy. I knew I had a long run on Saturday but Friday’s meals really didn’t involve enough carbs and I do think it affected me.

*I really need the clocks to change already, the dark mornings are annoying me.

weekly workout recap

Monday – Pure Barre Studio Series & 5 Miles

First run of the season with both a hat AND gloves. It felt great. The temperature was right below freezing but I didn’t feel it – the key is keeping the head and hands warm.

I went faster than I think I should have since Monday is usually an easy run/recovery run day but I couldn’t help myself in the cold air, it always makes me run faster without realizing.


Tuesday –¬† Not the 8 mile run that I planned!!!

And this is why we must be flexible, even if we follow a workout schedule. I planned on running 8 miles, per the usual Tuesday schedule. I headed to the treadmill since it was still dark outside and within a few steps I realized that I truly wasn’t feeling the run.

Had I been outside, I think I would have been fine but my legs were a little tired and completely uninterested in pushing themselves for a treadmill run.

Outside I can regulate my pace much better and go by feel but on the treadmill, even with the buttons to set the pace, I can’t always run comfortably.

I think part of the problem today was that I ran faster than I should have yesterday (I knew it!) which fatigued my legs a bit more than usual. It just wasn’t worth it to me to push beyond what felt right so¬†I cancelled my run,¬†switched to the elliptical machine instead and followed it up with some weights.

free weights

Wednesday – 7.50 Miles & Yoga (for hips, hamstrings, back)

I felt better than yesterday but the treadmill is not really my friend this week. I kept the pace relatively easy and gave myself time to adjust but I never felt like I found my groove until I got outside.

(4 miles on treadmill, the rest outside)


Thursday – Pure Barre Mile High DVD & 6 Miles

I ran outside without any structure to the miles, average pace 8:39. No complaints here, great run.

Friday – Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout & 30 Minutes Running

I always like to run a few easy miles after completing this particular Pure Barre workout, otherwise I have noticed that the soreness will set in from all of the lifting, toning and burning.

Saturday – 13 Miles

My splits for this run look much better than I think it felt.


Looking back now, it wasn’t as awful as I thought it was but I still, I don’t think I was all that into this long run.

My legs were fine yet a little tired, not my usual amount of energy. Was it because I didn’t eat with this run on my mind on Friday? Maybe. Salads for two of my meals and no sweet potato at all is not exactly long run fuel.

I¬†definitely considered stopping once when reached the 10 mile mark but in typical me fashion, when I¬†got to that point in the run, I didn’t feel like stopping.

I will count this long run as one of the necessary mentally challenging runs which only makes you stronger as a runner for getting through and completing.

Sunday – Rest Day (maybe some yoga?)

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Three things you did so far this weekend?

If you ran long yesterday, how was it?


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