The Princess and The Sneaker…

I am very easy going. For the most part. When it comes to my running shoes however, I am a princess. Or even a queen. They must be perfect. I must not feel the ground when I am running. I must feel complete cushion and support and the laces have to be tied just right. What does just right mean? I haven’t a clue. But I know when it is right. My shoes seem to last me three months. Two months and 30 days into the shoe, we are still the best of friends. And then, like magic, you hit day 31 or even month three day one, and bam. My best friends let me down. My knee hurts. The cushion feels gone. They seem stretched out. No support. Finished. Next. So I take out the next pair. I have already purchased the shoe I love in multiples. The first run in my new shoe should feel like magic. I mean, I already know I like the model (and oh I can devote a whole other post regarding choosing a new shoe when your brand decides to restructure your current model!). But the other morning, my new shoes were not right. Just not right. Was it the lacing? It could not be the model, I already had success in it. Or could it? Was it some kind of quality control mishap? And as I was running, I was thinking, is it me? Am I some kind of running princess? Or is it the shoe?

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