something to tell you..

  Happy Monday and most importantly, Happy First Day of Camp for my son! I love my son more than anything in this world but the kid needs summer camp to burn off his energy, play sports, socialize with other children and yes, give me a chance to breathe and do some work. When I decided to [...]

If you are wondering when my next race is, you aren't alone. It's almost July which means I need to start narrowing down the fall half marathons on my list and register for something. Hmm. The Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half is October 10th. The Islanders just announced they will open their season against the [...]

skincare favorites june 2015

  Every so often I pop in with a skincare/beauty product update based upon what I am using and loving at the moment. I am typically a creature of habit but I try to rotate my skincare products when I can as well as try new things to give my skin a little jolt. Sort of like rotating your shampoos [...]

TOL- One Of Those Weeks

    Between my major computer issues, school ending and camp not starting until Monday plus my period arriving with a real attitude five days early (you so needed to know that) all combined with trying to keep up with the blog and work stuff, it's a wonder I have made it to Thursday in [...]

Post Run Meal Ideas

post run meal ideas

    By now you must know that my post-run breakfast is a really big deal to me. Even though I eat a small breakfast before I head outside, I am always starving after my run so coming home to oatmeal in a jar mixed with berries, Skoop B-Strong and peanut butter makes me really (like, [...]

Let’s Catch Up

m&m cookie

  I know I am a blogger but that does not mean I like computers or understand technology. I had a super close call with a computer virus Friday afternoon and since then, I have been trying to keep my computer running smoothly but it's really not cooperating. Computers test my patience more than my [...]

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