The Bar Mitzvah

bar mitzvah

  Oh hi! Remember me? My routine since the Bar Mitzvah has just gone out the window! It will take some time to recover from the planning and partying but I am slowly coming down from the high of the weekend so I do hope to return to normal any day now. It was a weekend full [...]

NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon Training Week 4

  I have been waiting for October 15, 2016, the date of my son's Bar Mitzvah, for several years and here we are! This is the imprint inside of the custom yarmulkes for the Bar Mitzvah service. A yarmulke is sometimes also called a kippah. It is the little skull cap that covers the head, usually worn [...]

heather and me

Just when I truly need to be writing things down the most in my Erin Condren Life Planner, I completely stopped using it this week. I make no sense. There have been an overwhelming amount of details that I need to keep track of right now yet I am flying by the seat of my pants, [...]

What I Ate Wednesday 10.12.16

red mango parfait

  Oh, hi! I am posting more than I thought I would this week which is making me happy. While I still haven't written the speech that I have to give Saturday during my son's Bar Mitzvah service, at least I can find the words to type up these posts in order to chat with you. [...]


  This post has been in my drafts folder for a couple of months already and I don't even know why! I started writing it after watching a weight loss show which involved a teenaged boy. He needed to lose a lot of weight and the doctors had him on a plan to do so through diet and [...]

birthday cake

  So, like I want to go on and on about how this is the week of my son's Bar Mitzvah and OMG I can't even believe it is here but I know you want to hear about my son's birthday dinner and dessert from the other night so that's what we will discuss first. [...]