WIAW – I Woke Up Ravenous

What I Ate Wednesday February 10, 2016

Today's What I Ate Wednesday is featuring the foods I ate on Monday which is actually perfect timing after yesterday's finding balance post. I didn't run on Sunday but I have a feeling that last week's week of running combined with Saturday's long run on the treadmill had a cumulative effect on me and my [...]


  Before we get started with part two of finding balance between our diets and our workouts, I realize that this post may contain information that many of you already know. It can often take repeated exposure to hearing the same information over and over to make us finally wake up and do something with it. [...]

weekend highlights


  The weekend technically started Friday, well, that is if you were a kid living on Long Island. A random and sudden snow storm arrived dropping about a foot of snow Friday morning closing the schools. My son was so lucky! We dug out late in the day, not planning to go anywhere until my friend [...]

workout recap

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I got new running shoes again. I returned the Brooks Glycerin 13's (I think on Monday?) because they just weren't going to work. I ended up picking a new pair of my Adidas Energy Boosts, in the new model AND a new size. You know your [...]

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I apologize if you tried to log in yesterday afternoon only to encounter a blank screen. I don't know what the heck they were doing with my server during that time but thankfully, we are back and running. Click here for yesterday's post (Thinking Out Loud about tampons and TimeHop) if you missed it. Instead of frantically [...]

TOL – Tampons & Time Hop

meaghan and me

  I am hoping this is not too much information but can we talk about tampons for a minute? I am absolutely beside myself that Tampax has changed their packaging. I associate purple wrappers with lite, green with super and orange with super plus. If they are now ALL WRAPPED IN THE SAME PURPLE color with a small sticker [...]