weekly dinner planning

I apologize if you tried to log in yesterday afternoon only to encounter a blank screen. I don't know what the heck they were doing with my server during that time but thankfully, we are back and running. Click here for yesterday's post (Thinking Out Loud about tampons and TimeHop) if you missed it. Instead of frantically [...]

TOL – Tampons & Time Hop

meaghan and me

  I am hoping this is not too much information but can we talk about tampons for a minute? I am absolutely beside myself that Tampax has changed their packaging. I associate purple wrappers with lite, green with super and orange with super plus. If they are now ALL WRAPPED IN THE SAME PURPLE color with a small sticker [...]

red mango

Is it really Wednesday already? I feel all sorts of thrown off for some reason this week! Maybe because my son stayed home not feeling well on Monday? I think that is what did it. Either way, we are half way through the week and then one more week until winter break! We aren't going [...]

Finding Balance Between our DIets & Workouts

  I receive a lot of emails asking how to find balance between our diets and our workouts. If you ask me (which many of you have), it's an ever evolving quest for finding that balance. Although on some level it's simple - eat to fuel your appetite - it's not always that simple. There's no one size fits all [...]

cold stone

  This was the first weekend in months (maybe since September?) that my son slept out the entire weekend. I know I mentioned it recently (in this post) that we stopped sticking to a strict every other weekend schedule to be more flexible with my son's plans as he gets older. It was so weird for [...]

Brooks Glycerins 13

  I went to Runner's Edge (my local runner's shop) on Friday thinking I was going to buy some new running socks but ended up not only with new socks (Thorlos -- love them) but with a new pair of running shoes in the process. I explained to the guy helping me (I felt bad for him, [...]