potato latkes

  Before we get to last night's Hanukkah dinner, I have a few random foodie things to discuss. We went to Whole Foods the other day and I was really excited to get both Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt and Organic Pink Lady apples on sale. In my opinion, Stonyfield Organic makes the best greek yogurt, [...]

#NYTough P&G Prize Pack Giveaway

  The winner of the Gigabody giveaway is Jessica! She has been emailed; thanks to everyone for entering! And with the conclusion of one giveaway, comes the start of another awesome one courtesy of our friends at Proctor & Gamble. I am thrilled to be teaming up with Proctor & Gamble again, not only to give you [...]


  Would you believe that I have ANOTHER recipe for you today? And, get this, it's not dessert! So last week I was over-focusing on the fact that my son really doesn't eat vegetables. And while I am aware that most children don't love their produce, I have decided it is slightly unacceptable that my son doesn't make [...]

weekly workout recap

In case you were wondering, the Islanders won last night. And I won't complain to you that it took me FORTY MINUTES just to exit the parking lot because at least they are selling out and giving us great games to watch. And, at least I had an ice cream sundae during the first intermission. [...]

Catch Up and Cookie Dough Cups


  Whoa. It's Friday already? Didn't I just share my recipe for the Samoa Cookie Dough Bark saying I would share the recipe for the Cookie Dough Cups version in the next few days? That went crazy fast! Before I get to the quick and easy recipe, I have a few other things to tell [...]

Deep Thinking Out Loud

  So much of what I learned in school was useless. Okay, maybe not everything was completely useless but learning about the Aztecs and understanding Trigonometry (was that the math with SOH CAH TOA?) will forever seem as though I only needed to learn it in order to help my son with his homework, repeating the [...]