how to feel picture perfect for your big event

  Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by AllSeated. I will receive compensation for this post but as always, all thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own. Ever look back at photos and recall your thoughts or see things in yourself that no one else can sense from the picture? Maybe you remember what you ate right before taking the [...]

Running Shoe Confusion

cheesecake factory bbq ranch salad

  I walk really slow. I didn't realize how slow until fairly recently. Whenever I walk with other people, I am a few steps behind. So what though, right? I mean, I run fast so I am allowed to walk slow. At least that's how I explain it. I hate walking. Ask me to run? [...]

ben and jerrys sundae

I made my son an omelette with my signature recipe home fries for dinner the other night. He told me that the omelette, which was pretty basic (he let me add plum tomatoes to it though!), was "the best omelette of his entire life." The home fries were pretty fab too, trust me. He loved them. [...]

  Allow me to give you a glimpse at what it is like to have a conversation with my son: My son: So what did you do today while I was at camp? Me: Aside from writing and errands, I took a barre class. Pure Barre, as we briefly discussed on Monday, is a low-impact full-body workout [...]

cake for breakfast

  I missed a meal once. It was the summer of 2003, I was probably somewhere around six months pregnant. I had a Chicken Parmesan Panini for lunch which made me so nauseous that I couldn't bring myself to eat an afternoon snack or dinner. Can you believe it? Not even dinner! Wait - it's slowly coming back [...]

Running Terms Made Simple

  The main reason I don't plan my posts too far in advance is because I always end up having a random thought or experience which we need to discuss immediately. Tuesdays are typically topic/advice type posts over here and while I thought that I wanted to talk in one direction today, we are going in another. [...]