Trader Joe's giant chocolate bars

I was in the city Monday night and definitely felt the FA LA LA feeling as soon as I walked out of Penn Station.   It takes a lot to get me out the door and into the city (by train no less) on a Monday night following a holiday weekend but I wanted to go [...]

one pan dinner

  In my head this week was going to go slow but look, it's already Wednesday! Here's a peak at what I ate yesterday... This former favorite breakfast of mine of an English muffin with peanut butter has been working really well for me once again so I am continuing to go with it even if [...]

Thanksgiving Week in Review

salad and bagel

  It's so not easy getting back into the swing of things after the long holiday weekend but hey, we have no choice. Last week feels like a total blur so just in case you were unplugged/out of your usual blog reading routine, here are some posts you may have missed: My Pure Barre Pure Results (focus [...]

Saucony Rides

  I kept waiting to have a bleh run this week but it never happened! I don't know why, I just figured at some point my legs would get heavy or my mood would want nothing to do with the routine nature of the miles but each day was a good one. By today though, [...]

Thanksgiving Highlights 2016

table centerpieces

  I meant to pop in yesterday morning but here's what happened: First, I didn't open my laptop on Wednesday beyond 2:30 pm. My son and I went out in the afternoon after I picked him up from school and once we got home after dinner, I considered myself unplugged from everything other than my television [...]

with ron ben israel

    Monday was a fun day for me this week because I had a meeting in the city that centered not only around talking about cake, but eating cake. Let's discuss! I am still on the English muffin with peanut butter kick for breakfast and I am loving every bite. Aside from Saturday when I [...]