Amenorrhea Talk

female athelete triad

  I have debated this post for a few weeks now because I didn't want my blunt side to come across the wrong way but then I realized that if this topic and the way I go about addressing it hits you in what feels like an attacking manner, then you probably needed to hear it. We have [...]

apple with peanut butter and blueberries

  You read the title of this post correctly  - I did not have one spoonful of oatmeal on Sunday which may be the first time in easily one year, if not two, that I missed a day of oatmeal. I don't even know why or how this lack of oatmeal happened! Oh wait, yes I do. I woke [...]

reader questions answered

It's been a while since I answered some of the questions I receive through comments and via email here on the blog. As some of you already know, I always respond to your emails. Sometimes, I even drop everything I am doing to answer right away! I am so truly touched by how many of you think of me, write [...]

Summer Weekend Recap


    As I put this weekend recap post together, I realized that none of my time was spent at the beach or the pool which is in complete contrast to my typical posts from past summer seasons. But I like the variety right now and knowing there's so much more to do than just go to the [...]

running shadow

  What a mentally awesome, much needed week of running and workouts! Some days running is simply fitness and then some days, it's so much more than that. Going out for a run and letting your mind do it's thing while your legs do the rest is just, well, really special for me and a concept [...]

Running Out Loud

running shoes

I spotted a runner a few nights ago as I pulled into my neighborhood and suddenly became intrigued. I had the urge to run too. It was about 6:30 pm, not that humid and still sunny outside. It seemed like such a great idea, even to me, the strictly morning runner. Why not go for [...]

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