It's bad enough that the stores feel the need to open at night on Thanksgiving but did you know that the Gap locations near me will be opened during the day on Thursday? So few are the moments in life where it's okay and expected to hang out at home in your pajamas until 2:00 pm watching the parade followed [...]

apple crumb coffee cake

  If you know me, you know that a 9:45 am spin class is super late for me to work out. I had two breakfasts, baked an apple crumb coffee cake and consumed three cups of coffee prior to getting myself to Lifetime and on a spin bike. I made the apple crumb coffee cake for my [...]

  Good morning! I love the process of putting together these workout recaps each week because it helps me to grasp an overall picture of what it is I do considering I have never followed any sort of structured fitness schedule. It's becoming clear (in case you haven't noticed) that I am really enjoying the barre routines, both [...]

Me And My Running Analogies


  The winners of the Inspirational Jewelry giveaway are Shannon and Heather! The winners have been emailed - thanks to everyone for entering. I had the pleasure of attending parent/teacher conferences this week to meet with four of my son's middle school teachers now that the first quarter of middle school is behind us. In between [...]

favorite foods

  Both Michele and Amanda tagged me to complete the latest survey going around so I figured today would be a good day to answer a bunch of random questions. Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name: 1. Mommy 2. Meemo  - My mother always called me this growing up and my friend [...]

What I’m Eating This Week

butternut squash quinoa bowl

Sometimes I think I can get ahead of myself and plan out these What I Ate Wednesday posts in advance but then I cook something, eat something or see something at the last-minute and we need to talk about it immediately. What in the heck is this about?! Nature Valley came out with oatmeal you [...]