First things first. If you knew about this Gloria Jeans coffee flavor and didn't tell me, I am reconsidering our friendship. Brown Sugar Cake?! It is like THE BEST coffee flavor ever to the point where I think it rivals my all-time favorite coffee, Green Mountain's Golden French Toast. Or maybe, which is entirely possible, it tastes just about identical [...]

whole grain butternut squash baked ziti

  You know I have zero will power around roasted vegetables. I had no business roasting an entire butternut squash all at once on Sunday. Usually I roast a serving at a time because I have been known to polish roasted vegetables off as if they are a big bag of m&m's on an extreme craving day. [...]


  My earliest memory of the New York City Marathon revolves around a chocolate donut. Of course it does. All of my memories are linked to food. I was eight years old, standing on the corner (of First Avenue?) with my mom waiting to see my dad pass by as he ran the Marathon...but we missed him. It was [...]

  I would discuss my weekend with you but I don't even need to put the effort in for such a post because the post I published exactly one year ago today recaps it just fine. How ironic that I ate the same foods at the same places exactly a year apart? Or I just need more variety [...]

weekly workout recap

  I took it real easy after last weekend's races. It wasn't until after Wednesday morning's workout that I felt like myself again, ready to jump into my typical running routine. I hate walking but I knew I needed to loosen up my legs and running was definitely not on the agenda. I went super [...]

oatmeal peanut butter coconut chocolate chip cookies

Well isn't that a mouthful of a cookie name. Perfect though really, because I am offering you a recipe for a cute mouthful of a cookie. I say cute because these cookies puffed up into a the cutest roundest shape, rather than oozing and spreading all over the place which I just hate. You don't even need to chill the dough! I love [...]