New Blog Design + Weekly Workout Recap

weekly workout recap

  Do you notice things look a little bit different around here?! We made the blog theme switch yesterday morning and since then, I’ve done my best to not get sucked into working on all of the little details that go along with updating a blog. There are so many spots that require new coding […]

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Debating If I Would Post + Hungry Day + Vegetable Pizza

I’m sitting here debating if I should be posting today. Usually I share some fun, mindless Friday Favorites and of course I have a few up my sleeve for today but doing so right now doesn’t feel so right. I just learned that one of the brave teachers who died while saving his students was […]

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Senseless Act of Violence

thinking out loud

I had a different post planned for today but I don’t feel right posting it this morning after the school tragedy that occurred yesterday in Florida. The school where that senseless act of violence occurred is actually the same school Heather went to when she moved to Florida back when we were starting 10th grade. […]

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Rambling About Food Today!

Today’s post is basically all about food but I found myself rambling more than usual as I was writing it up! First of all, I’m done purchasing the bags of fresh green beans from Trader Joe’s. You know, the green beans that they sell already washed in the refrigerated produce section? Don’t buy them. From my experience, almost […]

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Weekend Sentence Per Picture

Recapping the last few days weekend sentence per picture style… The roasted brussels sprouts and root vegetables are what will keep me returning to Core Life Eatery again and again. A great meal at Market Bistro featuring tuna tartare as an appetizer followed by this beet salad and a few of those crispy French fries. While […]

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