Peach Salsa Guacamole

peach salsa guacamole

  I almost feel bad calling this a recipe. It's more of a short cut than a recipe but whatever we want to call it, it is delicious, healthy and most importantly, appears really creative with very little effort or ingredients. Let's not discuss that it is already Labor Day weekend. I don't even understand [...]

bloomies frozen yogurt

  Good morning! Yesterday was a bit monumental over here. This would be my son's locker. We had the opportunity to go over to the middle school yesterday so that my son could find his locker, practice the combination, unload the school supplies and run through his schedule classroom by classroom in order to get a [...]

  Philadelphia was fun. It tasted good too. I love spontaneous excursions especially when you don't hold yourself too much to a plan and just go with the flow. I hate stressful vacations that include strict time schedules and checklists of activities. That's not a good time if you ask me. I didn't rush us [...]

la bottega salad

  We won't discuss that this was one of the last weekends left of summer. So. If you recall, my running plan for the weekend was to mimic the Runner's World Hat Trick which is coming up in October. Since the first day of the Hat Trick will be a 5K followed by a 10K, [...]

Egg-Free French Toast

egg free french toast

  My idea of an active rest day yesterday morning involved experimenting with Egg-Free French Toast. Under all of that peanut butter is Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread cooked French toast style. If you knew about this substitution ratio and didn't tell me, that was not very polite. I don't eat eggs very much anymore which I think we have [...]

spin in bloomingdales

  I love the opportunity for randomness... As a peanut butter lover, it is my duty to make sure you are aware of the recent nut butter recall. I was slightly nervous when I saw Trader Joe's involved since I recently bought a jar but it seems that only their almond butters made the recalled list. If I want [...]