hershey half marathon

After receiving my replacement phone, I had to log back into all of my apps. For the life of me, I cannot get into my Instagram account because I can't get the password correct. All it does when I try to reset the password is redirect me to log in without the chance to actually reset it. Right now the only Instagram [...]

I lost my phone!


  The plan for today was to share what I ate in the city on Monday but then I lost my phone in Penn Station along with the photos I took in the city and life has been altered ever since. I never lose anything! So here's what happened. My son and I went to the city [...]

guys don't like girls who are too thin

  Guys don't like girls who are too thin. It's the truth. Ask them. They will tell you. So why is it that girls feel they must maintain a sickly thin figure in order to be attractive? Where does this mindset come from? While I know it's important to love yourself and not care what [...]

Life Lately


  The weeks are certainly flying by, aren't they? Can you believe we are entering March next week? You know how that excites me. :)  Spring is almost here! I did my best once again to juggle event writing and blog writing. My favorite post from last week aside from telling the world that my [...]

running shoes

  Overall I would call this a great week of running and workouts. A few things to note: I started each morning again this week with about 10-15 minutes of pre-run yoga. It definitely makes a difference to loosen up and stretch so I am really trying to make this a permanent habit just like the [...]

The Bloat Is Real (TOL)

black boots

  My mind has been gearing up with major interest in training for the Long Island half marathon. The Long Island half marathon for this year is Sunday, May 7 which means I would start training in a few weeks. The only slight issue at the moment is my menstrual cycle. It may be another month before [...]