workout recap

  This week was a bit of a blur but I do know that all of my workouts were decent! I was able to run outside every day and the early sunrises are making my running life that much more enjoyable. My legs were a little tired and heavy so at the 3 mile mark I [...]


  Just a few random thoughts for today! It was really odd to me when I found my running headband in my underwear drawer but it all made sense when I found my underwear in my headband drawer. Clearly I wasn't paying attention when I put away my laundry this week. Did you know that Mercury [...]

five guys veggie sandwich

      Rather than a traditional What I Ate Wednesday post, I have a good round-up of recent eats to share. I am still eating my English muffins with peanut butter for breakfast but then randomly I will wake up wanting oatmeal. This bowl of oatmeal contains lots of berries, both frozen blueberries and [...]

Not Your Average Runner

not your average runner

  I am not your average runner. Who wants to be average anyway? While I meet many of the standard "you know you are a runner when" components (like my appetite), I realized that I stray far from the full list of average runner qualities. I came up with 6 reasons why I am not [...]

chocolate cake

  Even if I realized that I won't be running the Long Island half next month, last week was a super great week in running! The early morning sunshine combined with the Passover/Spring break helped me to run my old distances again. I had the time to run each morning without feeling pressured to get the day [...]

english muffin with peanut butter and coffee

  I've been all excited for today's Friday Favorites post! I have a few things I am really loving right now and couldn't wait to discuss. First, remember when I shared this Pure Barre t-shirt photo in a previous Friday Favorites post? It wasn't available online but I found it at my local Pure Barre studio! [...]