apple with peanut butter and m&m's

  Before we get to what I ate yesterday... What I Ate Wednesday posts are just here to showcase what others eat and perhaps give you some new ideas when it comes to your own meals. The important thing to remember though is that you must do what works for you, not what works for [...]

New 8 Mile Workout which is engaging and challenging in a good way! Work on your tempo paces and customize it to fit your current training plans

  I love when I come up with a new running workout not only for myself but for you too! With half marathon training behind me, I am back to figuring out the structure of my runs all by myself without Laura's training plan telling me what to do each day. I certainly miss training with [...]

Week in Review #6

skillet cookie

  Linking up with Meg to chat week in review style today! I am working really hard at sticking to my focused hours in the morning after taking my son to school. I don't check my phone or my email during this time. I focus on my blog for one hour before switching over to dedicating my time [...]

workout recap

Let's see, let's see...what is there to say about my workouts this week? Overall, they were great. My runs were awesome  and Pure Barre has been lovely. Lovely may sound like an interesting choice of words but it's the first word that came to mind as I am sitting here drinking some coffee and typing up [...]

Links I am Loving!

  You know you had yourself quite the busy week when you haven't taken one food picture since Monday. Gosh I wish I could get the s'mores cupcake back that I had the other night so I could share it with you < - blogger brain thinking out loud. Aside from that s'mores cupcake (and the top [...]

selfie highlights

  A fresh head of highlights and I feel like a new person. Only thing is, I forgot to do the picture check in the bathroom of the salon to ensure things looked okay and instead did the picture check in the car which wasn't the smartest idea with my sunglasses on since the lenses [...]