workout recap (1.16 – 1.22)

runkeeper splits

  Running was great this week! Let's take a look... Since my son was off from school, I was able to run a little later and a little longer in the morning. I haven't run with a workout in mind in a while so I went with my favorite 8 mile negative split workout. I [...]

henri bendel essentials trio set

  Who else is thrilled that today is Friday and the weekend is here? I know, ridiculous question. This cinnamon vanilla Yogi Tea has become my new favorite. It has such a mild yet pleasant flavor and is caffeine free which makes it perfect for drinking over and over all day long! I can't drink cold water [...]

chocolate caramel apple

  Running this week has been awesome and the complete opposite of last week. Isn't that how it always goes, though? Three things I realized yesterday while running 5 speedy miles on the treadmill: I can wear either pair of running shoes (my beloved Energy Boosts or Saucony Rides) and have a great run. In [...]

Altar’d For Life

wedding dress

There's a new show on Z Living called Altar'd which premiered LAST NIGHT, January 17th, at 8 pm ET. The show features wedding couples who are looking to make big life changes in the form of dropping extra weight, past relationship baggage, and to set themselves up for a healthy future together. They are separated for 90 days [...]

nyc marathon

    The registration lottery for the 2017 New York City Marathon begins today. Last year I did enter the lottery although I really don't know what I was thinking. Did I really think that I wanted to run the marathon? As of now, I do not plan to enter the registration lottery for this year. Most people [...]

Linda's fudge cake

  Last week felt like such a blur and I don't even know why! Maybe because I started the week working with my pal Dina all day which was a slightly different workday routine. Or maybe it's because the week started out at 5 degrees with snow and ice on the ground and then jumped [...]