This is not exactly the training recap post I planned to write when I started entering my workouts earlier this week. I ended up with a terrible virus Thursday night which derailed me and the rest of the week's training! It all happened so suddenly. I mean, I sort of felt like I had [...]

What to eat the night before a long run

Laura and I spent a lot of time trying to find a recipe we wanted to make this week. We have plenty of recipes on our list but we are both training for a race at the moment which affects what we want to put in our stomachs since what we eat can directly affect [...]

benji first birthday

  My site is finally fixed! My site is finally fixed! Do you have any idea how happy this makes me?! Actually, it feels weird to have a normal functioning blog. And almost scary. I am afraid something else will go wrong or that it isn't really fixed and a notification will pop up to [...]

What I Ate Wednesday 9.20.16

veggie burger with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli

  Just because I haven't mentioned my site issues in a few days doesn't mean that everything is fixed. In fact, nothing is fixed! I have reached the point though where I realize that I can't fix it myself and don't have the strength or interest left in stressing over when someone else will get to [...]

Whenever I share my latest thoughts on disordered eating and amenorrhea, I usually need to follow up the post with another one on the subject pretty quickly as I see these topics are the most appreciated. I think it's great to know who my audience is and which posts are desired. It's also somewhat nice to [...]

The SHoe Box Star Sneakers

    One of my issues with the blog, (at least one of my issues the other day), was the inability to load new photos. Even though I fixed that problem, I was a little concerned at first for what I would do if I couldn't get weekend pictures loaded in time for today's post. I laughed when [...]