red mango

Last week it was gumballs making me smile. This week I have moved on to nail polish. I get real excited when I encounter a wall full of pretty polishes! But lately, as much as I love getting a pedicure, I have become overprotective of my feet. I think it's the runner in me on [...]


  Over the next few days, I will focus  more on carbs (if that's even possible considering I LIVE ON CARBS) and slowly reduce my vegetable intake leading up to Sunday's half marathon. Recent grocery store race food/taper week purchases but let's be real here, I eat these foods anyway! Watermelon has become an important part of my [...]

reader questions answered

  Last month I dedicated a post to answering some of the common reader questions that I received by email. I have a few more questions which recently came in on great topics so let's get to answering them today! Great question! I know I talk about oatmeal all of the time but the specific details aren't always mentioned. [...]

Meatless Monday Stir Fry

  As I started writing this post, I was thinking "brown rice" which should have translated into typing "brown rice" but instead, and why am I surprised, I type "brownies." One-track mind people, one track. We are not scheduled to talk about brownies today but I did enjoy the most incredible brownie sundae Friday night at Andreas 25 and [...]

pure barre

  Guess what?! Guess what?! I registered to run the Long Island Half Marathon next Sunday! You know it wasn't an easy registration decision for me to make due to the possible conflict of my cycle. This may be too much information but you and I are friends and I am pretty open to discussing these things...so....I waited [...]

Unbaked Baked Oatmeal

unbaked baked oatmeal

    So I think I had at least one reader paying attention to yesterday's post.... Flowers (pink flowers!!) delivered to my doorstep. WITH CHOCOLATE. Do you know how long I contemplated which truffle to eat first? It's finally Friday which means it's time to talk about that oatmeal recipe I promised you! I sort of explained [...]

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