A couple of things before getting to my workouts from the week: I am on my third pair of Yurbuds. Why are they always breaking?! I contacted Yurbuds and they did replace two pairs for me but now my most current pair, which lasted maybe a month, stopped working in one ear during Thursday's 9 [...]

3 things runners need to remember

  Earlier this week, Tuesday morning to be exact, I experienced a terrible, horrible, no good very bad run. (I can't help but quote Alexander here). I do believe that this bad run was entirely my fault which is actually a good thing when I think about it because at least I am able to [...]

All Sorts Of Random

pbj english muffin

    I have selfish reasons for making peanut butter and jelly english muffins for other people: 1) It's bonus time with an open jar of peanut butter 2) I like to lick the pb&j remnants from the knife after spreading them both on the muffin. Remember when I agreed to allow my son the freedom to select [...]

Monday’s Meals


  Let's take a look at what I ate on Monday although really, Monday's meals look like any other weekday when I am not out for lunch or dinner. What can I say, I am creature of habit and that will never change.   We are calling Monday's first breakfast Pre-Workout instead of Pre-Run because [...]

10k speed workout

10k speed workout

  Lately I really enjoy creating running workouts for myself because it makes the miles more meaningful and the time seriously fly by. I have also found that giving some structure to my miles has pushed me to break out of my comfort zone and pick up the pace much more often which is the best way [...]

Weekend Thought Per Picture

ice cream sundae

  Friday's roses. All for me. Dessert appetizers: The chocolate-covered strawberry was mine but I snagged some of the fudge from the top of the fudge brownie too :) I will admit my frozen yogurt creation is not the one on the right. I want this collapsible water bottle. My son shared his onion rings with [...]

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