NYC marathon-lottery

  Every time I do the laundry and it’s time to move the wet clothes to the dryer, I pray that when I open the dryer, it’s empty. You know, not filled with a load of clean clothes that I totally ignored forgot needed to be folded. Twice this week I was surprised elated to see [...]


    I didn’t forget that we wanted the details for my friend Lisa’s Chunky Lentil Soup Recipe! While Lisa and I speak all the time, we FINALLY went into detail about her lentil soup recipe yesterday so that I could pull it together for today’s post. As I put this chunky lentil soup recipe post together, [...]

break from running

  It still feels a little weird to think that I didn’t run for two weeks. While it wasn’t a planned break from running, it became a welcomed one for sure. I needed some time off and learned SO MUCH in the process. I think it’s important that I share every detail about my break [...]


  Originally I thought I would share the running post I’ve been working on today but I ultimately decided that I need a little more time. Expect that post tomorrow! So my weekend went by in a flash without me taking many pictures. It happens, right? It feels like it was just Friday afternoon and [...]

winter weekly workout recap

    Oh, hi. Is it Sunday already? Geez. So I ran yesterday (3 miles) which was my first run this year and first since dropping the shampoo bottle on my foot! It went really well but I will get into that more below. I’m planning a more in-depth running post about my experience with [...]

Friday Favorites 1/12/17

baked by Melissa

  Anyone else THRILLED that it’s Friday? I sort of feel like the fact that it’s Friday is the most major Friday Favorite of all today! Favorite Fitness: My foot is looking so much better! I think it really needed just about two weeks to get over the fact that I dropped a full shampoo [...]