-     You can learn a lot about a person based upon their web browsing history. Personalities, interests, hobbies...all evident in what we search and google all day long. And really, if you are given the opportunity to review someone's browsing history, you may learn that this person may not be the best friend/partner/personality match for you. I think this [...]

What We Ate Snow Day

power bowl

    Because you want to know what I look like when I shovel snow... I originally thought that this weeks What I Ate Wednesday would be about what I ate yesterday while in the city for an event but of course that event was postponed due to the blizzard. So instead let's just look at [...]

elliptical workout

  I really wanted to measure the snow for us using my Hello Kitty ruler but I couldn't open my front door just now because the snow is blown up against it. My car makes it seem so simple, like flipping a switch can turn the snow and off but it can't. I was hoping to [...]

Taking It Too Seriously

  The weather people are telling me to take the blizzard warning that is currently in effect super seriously. Aside from getting the food shopping done, I am doing my best to not over think the possibility of three feet of snow, school being closed and crazy cabin fever. Taking things too seriously really can lead to over thinking [...]

weekly workout recap

  The weather was rather icky yesterday (snow, slush, ice, sleet, rain) so I decided it was a good day to finally make black bean brownies. I scoured my pinterest boards and did some google searching on the subject just to glance at the various combinations before formulating my own recipe. When I finally came up with [...]

lindas fudge cake

  I really don't like to fully write my posts in advance and never set them to publish ahead of time. Of course there are certain topics which need development and I do spend time editing photos, working with PicMonkey images and sorting out my ideas into words that make sense but no matter what, I always edit, tweak and add [...]