Veggie Pizza On Long Island

veggie pizza on Long Island

  Just yesterday I was saying how grateful I always am for the little things in life. Well, here’s another example today. I’m grateful to live in New York where it’s hard to find a bad slice of pizza. There’s nothing like New York pizza! Specialty pizza slices have become a big thing over the [...]

bar mitzvah

  I can’t tell you how many separate drafts I started for today’s post. The fact that the Bar Mitzvah was a year ago now had me feeling all sorts of nostalgic emotions leading up to this past weekend and I didn’t really know how to address it. ^From the Friday night Shabbat/Bar Mitzvah services. [...]

Pure Barre on demand core workout

  A year ago today I shared my workout recap while saying today was the Bar Mitzvah! I remember running 10 miles and then leaving for my hair and makeup appointments. I can’t believe it’s been a year! For most of this week, 5 miles became the magic number. I didn’t plan it that way, [...]

Trader Joe's shop

  I have no food shopping plan or system anymore beyond just knowing that I need to go to Trader Joe’s. It’s getting a bit pathetic if you want to know the truth. I don’t make a list, I don’t really know exactly what I need and I never have an advanced idea of what [...]

what kind of bagel are you

  Let’s start today with Heather’s running update!! She’s up to running 30 minutes straight right now which I KNEW she could do. The best part is that lately she likes to run while talking to me on the phone. I distract her by talking endlessly about new makeup and how I have nothing to [...]


    Let’s catch up a bit through a few recent eats! I think I mentioned in Sunday’s workout recap post that my PMS this month was pretty bad. Not even the mood part so much as the hot flash part. I could barely drink coffee in the morning without breaking into a major sweat! [...]